Adding an upsell service

We only do flat work but are thinking an easy upsell addition could be the white vinal fences. I’m assuming a low sh mix like .75 to 1%. Anything I should know first ??? No I’m not gonna be “that guy” who asks how much to charge, ill do it for what I think is fair for my time and their new look.

Should work fine, you could probably use less on most vinyl. Just know on fences that less fence actually makes it more expensive to do. A solid 4’ fence washes a lot easier than a 4’ tri-rail does.

Some of them are easy, some are straight out of nightmares. Don’t forget, every fence has 2 sides. My first one was on a blind hill in Ferrari land. Covered with lichen from one end to the other. I’d rather listen to bro country at the dentist office than go through that again. I had to stop every 2 seconds to make sure I wasn’t spraying a passing sports car. As I’ve mentioned before, flatwork is a great upsell. Just my 2 cents.

Solid vinal is waht I was thinking about. Fairly flat, and easy, limited SH. Ive done wood fence and decks back in the day and know the risk of damaging that, where vinal is less risky and does not require so much detail labor. Im old now and just getting going again and like limited risk. Low SH and spray low pressure, no risk to grass etc but of course pre soak and soak again on rinse. Love my x jet man. Putting it on a 100ft reel with a 35 gal truck tank. All i need for driveways and sidewalks. Also have shorter line and two 5 gal buckets for out of reach places. I have a 5x10 enclosed trailer and if i get busy i want to add a a stackable reel set for low and hp lines. Room is tight and a skid plate and stackable is costly so I have to justify that expence by getting more work first. Your opinion on affordable stackable reel cost for lower line $$$ ???

It’s been my experience it takes a stronger mix to nuke crusty, multi layer algae and lichens. I typically then have to use about 1200psi to strip the dead crud off.


Do people who spend the $$$ on vinyl fencing let it get that bad? In my experience they want it cleaned as soon as it starts showing the green growth. Now wood is cheaper, shows the initial growth less, and gets way worse before they worry about it…

You wouldn’t believe how bad many of them let it get.

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They can get ugly real fast. My worst one yet was from a friend that just moved into a new house. It’s one extreme or the other with some of these things. It either got cleaned last year & the year before, or it ain’t been cleaned since it was installed.

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Yeah ive seen many many nasty looking white vinal fences. Its a Florida thing. :rofl::rofl:


:grimacing: never seen a vinyl fence looking anything like that around here…who would spend that sort of money only to ignore it? But then, people do it with their house all the time, while buying a monthly plan so they can get their car washed weekly lol

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@Racer you need better customers. That fence hurts to look at, real bad. I’ll take 2 hours of Dwight Yokum & a root canal over that any day. I hope it was short.

I know, right lol. They had just bought the place. We cleaned just over about 1/2 mile, not all of it because part of it is along tree line and no one really sees. It hadn’t been cleaned ever previously. This was about 2.5 years ago. Just finished cleaning it again last week. Wasn’t quite as bad but still bad enough to have to 12V about a 3% mix and then use high pressure to clean. Takes forever. Think I’ve got convinced to do yearly, like their neighbors that I do, and it would be about the same cost and it stays looking nice all the time. That way, can soft wash it with my 4gpm. One hose, versus 2 and all of that.
Because of water, have to use my 4gpm on most of it to conserve having to transfer all the time. My 4 had a pressure trapped unloader on it. Using that all day on and off the trigger all day is a pain. Put my ZK1 on it after one day, and that made all the difference in the world.


Brushing makes short work of fences like that when they are bad. I found it much faster than using just SH and pressure. Soak them, then just a quick walk along with a brush and that stuff comes right off.

I make a walk down and back spraying parallel to the fence so I hit it at both angles to get it all coated, then down and back quick brushing it, then rinse. Basically as long as it takes to walk that distance 5 times is how long it takes. Most residential vinyl fence jobs take me no more than 30-45 minutes, so they are a great add on service.

Man, just walk it once. Most of the time there isn’t a need to even rinse.

I definitely need to make this my next upgrade. The 357 magnum recoil is not easy on the joints.

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Use a 2315 and just pull the trigger slowly

I use a 2315. It’s great but it doesn’t matter how slowly I pull the trigger with this Pulsar unloader, it’s still a 357 magnum as far as recoil once you hit that threshold. It’s like an on/off switch.

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Do you bypass to a buffer tank with your 4gpm? I’m about to add the ZK1 into the mix & I’m curious how you plumbed it & adjusted it. I figured I may as well plumb it back to the intake with a short hose & adjust with a pressure gauge since I don’t have a buffer tank. My pumps are direct drive. Thanks as always for sharing the wisdom! I owe you a pallet of cold beer & hot pizza.

Yes, to a buffer. All my machines are belt drive. Comes with instructions on how to set. Guess you could use w/o. Call Russ Johnson at Southside. He has great price on them and can answer any questions.

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