Adding a Second Unloader

I’m somewhat new to pressure washing and have a Generac 4gpm machine. I’m looking to upgrade in the future but for now that’s what I got. My pump doesn’t have a unloader, but I need one because I’m trying to get the machine to last as long as possible. Is there anyway I could add a unloader? I thought the knob would come off but it doesn’t. If I removed the quick connect and added the second unloader that’s in the Amazon picture I would have 2 pressure knobs, which would look stupid I know, but would that work if I just left the first knob completely open, or am I completely wrong? Sorry if it may sound dumb.


Every pressure washer has an unloader. That’s what keeps your pump from blowing up when you let go of the trigger. The pump continues to build pressure even when you’re off the trigger so that pressure has to go somewhere.

That black knob on your machine is the unloader. Set it once and never touch it again.

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I thought that adjusted the psi where is the water supposed to come out because I thought a unloader released water back into the buffer tank

@field Welcome back! I thought you’d taken the money and run, lol. Don’t use that knob to adjust pressure, it’s your unloader. Like Brian said, set it and leave it alone. Also can you please start using some punctuation marks, like commas and periods and question-marks? That second sentence had 80 words and reading it is like listening to a person on drugs


Haha sorry, thanks for the help.

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Where is the water that it unloads supposed to come out?

Ideally a buffer tank. Yours might just recirculate back into the pump

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Pumps with built in unloaders like yours don’t give you the option to by pass. Your only option is to upgrade as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for all of the help.

Lol…these kids nowadays think everything is a text message so grammar doesn’t apply. Can you imagine being an English or Written Comp teacher? They probably get essays with the text abbreviations or whatever they’re called in them. You know, like lol, wth, byob, etc. I would type more but that’s about all I know…lol

I had the same issue with my first machine, the unloader was built into the pump.

Thank you

I added an external to my simpson 4400 with a built on unloader and run the overflow to a 35 gal tank. I turned the stock one wide open and reduced the secondary one to 3500psi. Been working great for a year. I used a steel connector and it broke in the output connect to second job, lesson learned, Stainless steel quick connects only


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It broke because you need jumper hose and remote mount that Unloader…

agreed, it does move around too much, i am rearranging my small set up in the coming weeks, will look to add that.

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i have a built in unloader also but added a second so I could have a bypass line. I left the original unloader wide open and added a new 3600 psi unloader. It doesn’t go to a buffer tank it just flows onto the street but it allows me to stay off the trigger. Works great for now till I get my new gear drive pump thats on order from Russ Johnson.y4zzRWaPQkagFD443yqsLw

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It boggles my mind the stuff that people cobble together and jury rig when there is so much money to be made in this industry with little investment. This forum is becoming the pwra facebook page.