Add Switch to pump and battery

Newb question… how do I wire an on/off switch to the pump and battery? I’ve searched in forums and YouTube and google but I can’t figure it out. Do I wire one red wire from the switch to the + battery terminal and the other red wire from the switch to the top red wire in the pump?

You can do it that way, but what is your switch rated at compared to the amp draw of the pump? Best practice is to use a relay and not power through the switch.

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50 amp switch. Not sure about the pump. It’s a 5.5 gpm pump

That switch is plenty large enough to run power for that pump through. I’m assuming its not a lighted switch? Just black ground straight from the battery to the pump. Hot (red) wire off the battery to the switch, then from switch to pump. Make sure you have a fuse on the hot wire as close to the battery terminal as possible with the right size fuse. Pump is probably 15-20 amps, so use a 25 amp fuse and you should be good.

Ok. Thank you