Add on hot water heater

Was wondering if this would work with my 4000 psi 4 gpm belt drive to help with concrete cleaning as of now i can not afford the big units

NorthStar Pressure Washer Heater/Steamer Add-on Unit ? 4000 PSI, 4 GPM, 120 Volt | Electric-Hot Water Pressure Washers| Northern Tool + Equipment

I’m not much of a fan of Northern these days but yea that hotbox will work fine with your PW you will need a generator to run it so keep that in mind. What that’s saying is you’ll be burning gas with your Powerwasher, burning diesel with your hotbox and burning more fuel with your generator that has to be on to run that hotbox. If your busy then times that by many hours of use and you can see how your money was spent.

Break it down even further. Let’s say your generator uses 2gal of gas an hour which = about $7/HR. Now let’s say you use that hotbox 10hrs/week 40hrs a month, that = $280/month just for the generator use to run hot box. Let’s say you run the hotbox 200 hrs whole yr(less then 17hrs monthly on average which is about 4hrs/week) that will cost you $1400 yr just for generator cost to run hotbox.

Just follow the numbers when you are considering purchases and when you start becoming more successful always know your numbers so you can run at maximum profit.


Thanks. That makes sense might not be worth it right now. Is there any other way to clean gum from concrete I can clean concrete pretty good with cold water may take me. Little longer than with hot water. But gum and oil stains are kicking my but

Hot water will kick gums butt. Hot water with the right chem will kick oils butt.

No if, ands, or buts.

I agree but hot water is HOT price I am turning down jobs because I can’t get gum with cold water and can’t afford a hot water unit now. It sucks. I will get there someday. That old saying that it takes money to make money is oh so true.

There’s no way around it Baker dude.
If your going to deal with gum popping, hot water is a must. Cold water might remove the core of the gum but it won’t do much with the perimeter of the gum mark. Heat just melts it away.

Then it looks like you “Can’t Afford” Not To Have Hot Water…Just Saying.

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Hot water is nice to have may only use it a few times a week but its always there if you need it

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