Accepted for first HOA bid

We clean a lot of windows in a patio home community, and long story short my bid was accepted to PW just the front 2nd story gutters on 124 units. His machine “can’t reach that high” from what he told me.

Residential window cleaners generally don’t mess with contracts, so I could use some advice on how to draw up an agreement.

I’m thinking some language about plant damage should be in there, along with resident notification and payment terms, etc.

That will be a nightmare. No way to just do gutters without doing the siding unless you hand wipe each one.


I can hit the siding too, no worries. We know these folks pretty well, long time WC customers. I don’t mind a little extra.

Even with just hitting the gutters and some siding, you will end up having to rinse the entire front of the building. It will basically be washing the entire front side. Hopefully you priced accordingly. As for the language, definitely include payment terms. You should pre-wet and post-rinse all the plants, I can’t imagine that they would take responsibility for anything you damage. I always send a letter to the HOA/property manager to be sent out to residents outlining the scope and timing of the project, for the residents to be sure to close all windows and doors on day of service, and to bring in any personal items on the porches that they do not wish to be damaged.

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Sounds good. I got off the phone with him, we should be starting the week of the 26th.

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I agree with @TDclean about plant damage. You gave sound advice on the other thread about yard signs in a contract but I think you should take your own advice. Putting that kind of talk in a customer’s ear only raises their awareness to look for issues and question your methods. I think everyone on here that acts like a professional, including you, would replace/fix things we break/kill.

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And congrats btw @dcbrock


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So is the other contractor washing the houses, and your contracted to do the gutters only ? I’m not following. .

All that set up and tear down for a gutter. @dcbrock I hope you have electric reels. Or hire someone to reel for you lol

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I’ll be rolling along and doing 4 at a time, just need to top off my buffer every few houses or so.

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He’s the maintenance guy for the HOA, I’m contracted to do the gutters.

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Just like washing trucks lol

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Gutter Whitening??

No, just cleaning/bleaching the dirt and mildew off.

Look guys, it’s simple. I’m just doing the front gutters he couldn’t reach with his Lowes machine, downstreaming standard housewash. He admitted to using something called wet-n-forget on the lower gutters, didn’t even plain water rinse them.

Another question…

I need to write up an agreement, any tips on how to do that? I have a few items to put in there but don’t have experience with the actual format.