About to start gutter cleaning

I’m thinking of taking on more gutter work which should keep us pretty busy. Any thoughts or helpful tips you guys can give me woul be greatly appreciated. I want to know so I can be the best.

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Don’t do it.
Just kidding. I offer that service and we do a fair amount of it. It is probably my least favorite service. Make sure you charge enough to make it worth the dangers invlolved. A lot of ladder work, getting on roofs, etc. We usually just pull it out by hand because the junk in them gets wet and won’t blow out. Make sure you get ladder standoffs for your ladders. I try to keep the ladders off the gutters so I don’t scratch or bend them. Watch for critters too. Alot of bugs, lizards, frogs, and wasp nests in the real bad ones. Good luck.

Yeah, we have done quite a few in the past and it is one of my least favorite as well, but it’s a deal with a property management company with 700+ properties.

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Good luck. Probably the least fun cleaning, but it sounds worth it if you have a deal going with a PM.

I love gutter cleaning. When everything else slows down, it keeps us moving. Very low overhead. Get yourself a scoop Gutter Tool scoop cleaner, i like a 4 foot pole with the scoop but sometimes use my 18’ pole to reach things where I cant get a ladder and the roof isn’t walkable.

We’ve done $9200 so far this year and have $6000 scheduled over the next 3 weeks. Could be doing much better but there is just two of us in one truck right now. We are losing customers because I cant fit them into the schedule right now

It’s not my favorite work activity, but it’s a change of pace and plenty of people see the dire importance of it and will pay well since they can’t/won’t attempt it at their houses.

Will do. In getting prepared as we speak. Thanks for all of the help guys.

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How many gutters do you do on average per week? if you don’t mind me asking@wws

Somewhere between 5-10. Yesterday I did 19! Did all of those with a leaf blower though.