Able to tell what siding material by looking at photo?

Anyone able to identify this siding material just by looking at the photo?

House is nearly an hour away…

House is a 1920’s in Ohio.


Looks like lap board to me but can’t tell for sure.

I always ask my customer. Makes it a lot easier, When you take your customers info make a template of information you get from them…one of them the material of the siding.

I do this so if someone says LP siding , cedar shake, or aluminum I can tell them on the spot that we can’t wash there house


But it does look like aluminum

That small of a house can’t be worth the drive though.

They don’t know, young people with not much life experience. I looked on zillow but no info there.

Back in the day they made asbestos “boards” and shingles. If it’s that old of a house that’s a real possibility too. They always capped edges with galvanized flashing because the ends were basically partical board.

When in doubt moon walk away.


If the photo was a little sharper, we could probably tell. But unfortunately there are too many different siding materials made to look like that.

My initial guess was aluminum, until I read 1920’s. But it could be replacement siding. If it’s original, then wood or asbestos would be my next guesses.

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No but I have to do another house up there at the same time and her parents are pretty well connected with a large social network… and I am eyeballing specific houses to target postcards to

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Advice you can take to the bank:

You earn more respect with folks when you say you’re not comfortable washing something of this age due to wiring, materials, and building practices of the day than you do by attempting something hoping in one hand and pooping in the other their social network provides.

The fastest way for their “social network” to find out about you is to go and burn this house down.

If you take on projects hoping they expand to bigger ones, be prepared for a let down 90% of the time. Washing one, older than dirt house isn’t going to earn you any points. Respectfully walking away will.

If you’re still hoping and wishing this house will lead to million dollar homes you should take that hope to walmart and drop it off because that’s where dreams and hopes go to die.

Do your one project, get home, go fishing. Just my two cents, for what it’s worth.


Thanks for the chuckle!

There probably aren’t any multi-million dollar houses within an hour of this place… maybe mega farm properties.

Many of the properties in the block appear to have the same siding material - at least it looks that way from google maps.

They haven’t asked for the house to be done, am doing other buildings on the property that are vinyl siding… wanted to go in prepared in case they said, “hey what about the house” or one of the next door neighbors said, hey how much for my house…

The dad owns 3 different businesses, HVAC, Plumbing and CPA, he has a great network of folks who respect him and he is a great networker. I just got a commercial call referral from his network yesterday evening. I am not set up for commercial so unless it is some small deal, I will be passing on it.

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I am doing a couple of vinyl buildings elsewhere on the property and the neighboring houses - according to google - seem to be the same siding type. Was hoping zillow or something might have the material listed, but no. Will look up close when I go to do the other work.

I grew up with abestos shingles but they did not look like this, probably several styles though…