Abercrombie italia schools should not bear civil liability

red young woman climbed the embankment railing,abercrombie italia, jump so tragic.Girls lose 250,000 families require schoolsInnocent girl was killed,tiffany, the family grief. As the killer had committed suicide, his family felt that the school did not follow the provisions of the stringent laws and regulations to implement, execute and out of the campus management system, so that children are easily murderer out on campus, and was brutally murdered. It can be found in the school campus management and conservation is at fault, should bear the responsibility. Last August, the little girl a paper petition parents sued the school jiaoling court for compensation for the loss of the school more than 250,hogan outlet italia,000 yuan.The school believes that the school’s behavior and the little girl was intentionally killed in criminal cases occur without any causal relationship.Court ruling:Schools have done due responsibility dismiss the appealLast September,basket louboutin, jiaoling Court held a public hearing the case, caused widespread concern in the region.After the court hearing that little girl’s personal injury is the third person in school violations caused by the implementation. Damage combined with a little girl time, place, the incident and the school to take security measures to protect the safety of the obligation to fulfill,ray ban, the school has done can be identified due to the management responsibility, so the victim outside the school by the school staff and management of the consequences of the damage against the school’s behavior caused no causal relationship, schools should not bear civil liability, then made a request to dismiss the little girl’s parents’ lawsuit verdict. For this verdict, the family refused to accept the little girl appealed to Meizhou City Intermediate People’s Court.Meizhou in the hospital after hearing that the school does not exist in the management of the fault for the murder of a little girl.
the little girl by a third party against the consequences of the damage caused by absence of a causal relationship with the school, the appellant advocated by the school in civil liability law No data. The trial facts are clear, the applicable law is correct, appropriate treatment should be maintained, according to the law dismissed the appellant’s appeal.(Original title: Girls Valentine dropped by his father drowned in tXiaoyan, who lives in Bengbu City,hogan outlet milano, wife and son,ray ban aviator pas cher, downloaded from the Internet, and specialty gourmet snacks production techniques,air max pas cher femme, through the “integrated package”, to produce food produced instructional CD-ROM, and commissioned the massive copy, founded by himself. " Chinese specialties business network "sold throughout the country. November 8, Xiaoyan and undertake the production of “gourmet teaching” disc Songbing, Ma Tao on suspicion of the crime of copyright infringement in Bengbu City Yuhui District Court for trial.Prosecutor accused.
000 yuan to the school but was rejectedMeizhou newspaper (Reporter Ye Shixin correspondent Huangyi Tao, Chen Yudong) because his father extramarital affairs,gioielli tiffany, leading to his daughter’s elementary school after school “Little Three” throwing down the river drowned, and the murderer “Little Three” is also committed suicide. School pupils were killed after the family that bears on this tragic event supervision of fault liability, the school requires compensation. The day before yesterday, Meizhou in the hospital after hearing that the school pupils were killed in the management of the fault does not exist,hogan outlet 2014, people were killed against the damage caused by the consequences of no causal relationship with the school, rejected the appeal and upheld the first instance verdict according to the law.8-year-old girl was thrown down the river young womenLast year at 11:00 on June 11 and more rain jiaocheng river turbidity rolling,sweat hollister pas cher, the river came after a group of school pupils accompanied by parents home. Suddenly,air max pas cher, a young woman in red will be a little girl carrying a bag to pick up the river joke he subsequently jumped into the river sank a torrent. In the afternoon, when the rescuers will release on the young woman and a little girl in red salvaged, they are drowning die.The police investigation.
by the end of 2011 to November 2012, Xiaoyan and her husband Yao Yun (handled separately) founded located in Bengbu home of the “Chinese specialties business network” to the pot Griddle technology will gather on the web,abercrombie milano catalogo, buns Technology, technology and Spicy braised pork specialties across the country, electronic documentation and video teaching materials produced snacks, gourmet teaching about making a video master disc, and then through e-commerce platform on the network, and engaged in the production of Song CD Bing contact the master disc courier to Guangzhou,oakley vault, processed by a copy Songbing massive “food education” CD-ROM, during which.
the child was thrown into the river with a third woman, whose improper relationship between men and women has been three years and killed the little girl’s father. During this period, the young woman had been proposed to the little girl’s father after the divorce his wife and marry her request,hogan outlet, but the little girl’s father has deal between his wife and lover, and often eat together with her daughter and the young woman.The night before the incident, the young woman in red about a little girl’s father met, but the little girl’s father Bierbuxian. 10 o’clock that night, the little girl in red woman came home to make trouble, the little girl’s father stand it,toms for sale, call the police. After police mediation, the young woman is in red persuasion home. As the little girl did not see the father of the young woman in red with anger texted her lover, threatening to kill his daughter.At 11:00 on June 11,hogan outlet, red young woman who came to school to pick up a little girl came home from school, when they went to the edge of the embankment railing, red woman suddenly picked up the little girl down the middle to throw down the river,nike tn pas cher magasin, looked at the little girl struggling in the river.