Aaron Ritchie

Please help me welcome Aaron Ritchie of Benchmark Pressure Washing in Concord, NC to the Pressure Washing Resource Association!

Welcome Aaron to the PWRA

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Welcome Aaron

Welcome Aaron, Its nice to see you here! Hope that business is doing well in NC

Thanks things are going well been doing a lot of brick cleaning for new construction,working on several pretty large building cleaning projects.



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Aaron Who??? :slight_smile:

Just a little fellow from NC!

Welcome Aaron. I hear you are the KING of brick cleaning and I was told to call upon you if I ever had any questions about cleaning brick structures. Good to see you over here.

Thanks Rance and I don’t know about the king thing but I have cleaned alot of brick. I was a mason contractor for 13 yrs and before that I worked for my daddy who was a mason and for the last 6 or 7 yrs that I was a mason contractor I bought a PW trailer and cleaned my own brick. Then two yrs ago I got out of the brick buisness and now all I do is clean. I think me and Guy bought our first unit from the same man I know he bought one from him and thats another story…

Hey Aaron welcome!

Hey Aaron welcome to the site, I’m Lee.

Welcome Aaron

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