AAA EW4040 question

First post here, and a newbie in the industry. I have a AAA EW4040 pump, and I would like to see if its possible to modify it or to somehow add a bypass to it? Any help is much appreciate it.


Could one just place a cap on that unloader and replace a cap/bolts for a k7?

Maybe, but he’s asking about bypassing, he’s got a direct drive and the K7 would be worth more than the pump.

K7 $120 plus parts and labor…
Better save and get a belt drive.

Here you go, kit for less than $100 storewide free shipping

PA Unloader Valve Pulsar 4/Rv – 4500 PSI 10.5 GPM – Plumbed unloader with bypass kit US $85.00 / EA

Decent quality replacement pump for yours if needed also at

3600 PSI – 4.4 GPM Gearbox Drive 1″ Hollow Shaft 3WZ-1814GA US $385.00 / EA

manufacturers page
They have a decent rating for these pumps on Amazon if you want to get some other opinions, cost less if purchased direct. Not a Udor pump but does the job

Why is everyone here so negative at times? Rather than looking for a positive outcome. Not everyone has seen this website before they are invested in an idea.

Because we know he has a direct drive pump. He won’t be able to pull from a tank. But, you’ve sent him down a rabbit hole to spend money to find out out on his own, so there’s that.

There are no positives. In this business where we deal with chemicals and water all roads lead to quality equipment, there’s no shortcuts. It’s a low initial investment with even the top tier equipment there’s just no reason to encourage someone to buy or use homeowner grade stuff, some take the advice some find out half way through a job.

True direct drive cannot suction feed. But no one said that plainly. I agree that buying quality equipment is best. For less than a good gear pump pump he could pull from a tank. The pump shown is good with a decent unloader for tank fed @ 3500 psi (240 bar). Enough to get started and save up. I bought this off Amazon warehouse for less than 500. Changed the pump and unloader out and it worked out good. For what I need at this time.
Danau is a quality manufacturer with an extensive product line DANAU PUMP Marketing Purchasing

The pump is not a good pump. You can’t effectively pull from a tank with a direct drive. K7 is not a good unloader. One shouldn’t save up, one should start with what they need. But, other than that, the rest of your words were full of appropriate vowels and consonants.

Second that, I did manage to rig my direct drive with gravity fed tank but it made some weird noises in the process and bought a belt drive soon after.

True, but we’re all adults here and anyone starting a business in this industry should know that if they have spent a few months researching and studying. Who starts a business without knowing the business?

¯_(ツ)_/ ¯ (Shrug) cant argue with that