A St. Louis Thang

Gooey butter cakes.


Yeah, im gonna need a recipe. :grin:

What part of St Louis are you in?

Other side of the river. Collinsville IL

1/2C butter melted
2 eggs beaten
1box yellow cake mix
Mix and put in 9x13

1-16oz box powdered sugar (save just a little for sprinkling over the top after it’s done)
2 eggs beaten
1-8oz Philly cream cheese
2tsp. Vanilla
MIX WELL (no lumps) and pour over the top of cake batter.
Bake 350* for 30-40 min.
It will look like it’s not done and runny, but it’s supposed to look like that. Let it cool and it will collapse in on itself and be perfect. Sprinkle remaining powdered sugar over the top and pecans if you want. DO NOT EAT IF DIABETIC lol