A small intro, and need a 0030/0040 Comparable Tip in a pinch

Good day everyone!

TLDR: Help me engineer a 0040 tip?

Starting out, I have been lurking on this site for about 6 months now non-registered, thanks in advance for all the information i have learned here! I have done a lot of pressure washing in the past (Facilities Manager for most of my professional career), and branched out to Residential work due to some circumstances; I mainly handle house washes (soft), Window Cleaning, and gutters if I am having a really slow week, with branching into Roof Washes after I complete some more hands on learning with someone experienced in it.

Now onto todays dilemma. Turns out a client’s husband that I didn’t meet from a couple weeks ago was very impressed with my house and window wash, and they are a Builder just completing a few luxury summer vacation homes. He wants to try me out on one house to see the quality of my work. We reached an acceptable quote amount which is lower then I would have normally priced it, but small cost to get my foot in the door.

When I got home this morning I was doing some maintenance on my equipment, basically packing it for tomorrow. The wife wandered outside, grabbed my wand, and did a Rambo style yell while pointing the wand up and pulled the trigger; for dramatic effect no doubt. Unfortunately, my Pink Soap Tip was in the gun and not secured as it had some debris preventing it from locking; I was on the way back to my machine to turn it off and tinker. Well, said tip took off like a rocket, and I hope it didn’t land on anyone, but thats put me in a spot. The house I am doing is Three Stories tall, and I cannot reach it with my Black Tip. Further fun is I live in Canada in the BC Interior, and no one within a 2 Hour Drive has a replacement tip (or really even knew what I was describing). I have other replacement tips on order already, but not expecting them until next week, and I have to go out tomorrow and do this job.

So I guess what it boils down to is: Does anyone have some alternate suggestions of how to fashion a DIY tip that has some degree of confidence in the construction, or another method I have not researched? The tip could also be a 0030 I believe; my current washer is a 3500 PSI, 3.2 GPM model until I can afford an upgrade after the next couple of jobs.

If you have read this far, thanks in advance! I appreciate the help. I normally like to buy pre-fab equipment for peace of mind, but my happiness of the morning has eroded into a bit of a scramble now. If there isn’t anything I can do today about it, I will just do his Interior Window work tomorrow, and check with the neighbors about potentially leaning a ladder onto their side of the house, and then shooting from that way; the houses are super close together, I just don’t like using pressure on the ladder that way and not sure of how the builder will view that optic.

Thanks all!

1/4” npt by 3/16 or 1/4” barb fitting


Awesome Infinity, thank you. Off to the hardware store armed with your info, thanks!

HD carries pink tips in stock.

Thanks Sasquatch :slight_smile: might be a regional thing, my “local” one didn’t have any, in fact they just carry one pack of Ryobi universal tips; the entire pressure washer section takes up less room than can fit in the back of the truck.
I found one pink at Canadian Tire paired with the black, but both were just plastic. It was simoniz so figured it was for their electric washer series.
I picked up the parts Infinity mentioned and will put it through a run later when I get home.

Today’s learnings have really opened my eyes to proper tips, and I now know that what I was ordering with my next unit was not correct, so ironing that issue out at the same time.

Thanks again to everyone giving advice on the board! It’s an invaluable resource having access to the information when some of us have no local resources at hand.

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Where in Canada are you? I’ll let you know where to find one locally

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British Columbia, near Vernon.
I know there are a couple in Kamloops, was just not able to fit in the 3+ hour round trip in today as my truck was getting some work done.
If you have a source though it would be much appreciated. I always like finding more suppliers to see what they have :smile:

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Take a red tip and drill it out. Start small and work your way up.


Thanks Max1!
I would have probably tried the Princess Auto one just to see, but when I had called them they said they couldn’t find the item, even though it was listed as in stock lol. Oh well. The Lowes would have been a no brainer, but that’s 4 Hours away one-way so wasn;t in the cards.

Hopefully this will be the last time I need to rely on a box store for something I need. I know a lot of my headaches went away when I was able to move up from box to professional equipment on the window side, and looking forward to the move on the PW side.

Thanks again!

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No problem. Yea big box stores aren’t the way to go. Princess auto has the best PW section out of all of the big box stores though for sure.

Very cool idea there Patriots, thanks! :slight_smile:
I was a bit nervous posting this, as I have seen a few newcomer posts go sideways with any mention of box store equipment, so thanks for everyone with the helpful advice to get me unstuck.
I hope my future posts will be of more significance than losing my colored plastic bauble lol.

We are generally nicer to the Canadians for some reason


Ya’ll pitty us for being 20 years behind when it comes to pressure washing and suppliers

It’s not that. Y’all talk funny and we feel for you.

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Coming from the southerner who doesn’t believe he has an accent :grin:

Much appreciated, eh?
But in seriousness, even in my intro as I reread it and mentioned I have done a lot of pressure washing in the past, reading here showed me that all I was really doing was throwing high velocity water at the ground for many years. The forums have helped reshape my view on the industry and redefine my business plan to move up into the professional equipment realm much sooner than I thought I would need to. Now, I want to.