A scrappy Skid Plate

Just wanted a better way to mount my motor, skid plates are incredibly hard to find up here and expensive.

This is a nice piece of plywood I had kicking around in the basement, sealed with rubber matting glued on.

Engine bolts connected to T-nuts for a flush and solid mount. Then heavy duty Robertson screws drilled into the skid.

The motor is now level and stable, and easy to remove.


What engine is that, there?

I decided to go with a Kohler CH440 instead of a Honda GX390 for my build, for the additional power.

It’s Pro Point (Princess Auto house brand) 420cc 15 hp

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A generator is basically a skid with a built-in gravity fed fuel tank at higher capacity & wheels if you decide to keep them. You might have a few for sale in your area on the cheap.

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I started with this engine brand new. Issues from day one. Less than 50 hours on it & it collects dust in my garage while the 10 year old GX390 I had to buy in a pinch from Craigslist pays the bills like a boss. Never another Krahpler around here. Zero support. Parts on backorder all year. I’d rather try my luck with a used Predator. Hopefully your luck is better.

Oh man, thats really unfortunate. It is good to know those Predator engines are sitting on the shelves over there at HFT, just in case. I’ve had good luck with Kohler engines in the past, but it sounds like a nightmare for you.

Its good to know that with the gear drive, i can easily swap the pump onto another engine if needed.

Ahh, that’s why it looked so unfamiliar. Youre on the other side of the globe! Good job being inventive.

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