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I already knew how to create really solid proposals. I didn’t need something that would “reinvent the wheel”. Having said that, when I started using Pro-Posal, I immediately saw the benefit. The thing that Pro-Posal really does for me is that it makes it so quick and easy. No longer am I tied to Quickbooks and my laptop. I can create a quick, high-quality, detailed proposal from my smartphone, my tablet, or my laptop and it happens in just moments. I’m using it for all my proposals right now, and not because I have to. It’s because it’s the most efficient, convenient, effective way. I find myself firing off proposals on jobs that, in the past, I would have just shelved and never got to. There are a lot of subscription-type add-on’s out there for service businesses. I’ve tried many. The only one I’m commited to is Pro-Posal.

Who is this guy?

Spam, I use invoice2go

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That’s Dave at Lion Share Maintenance. I’ve used that app. It’s pretty darn good.

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What’s up guys?

My name is Dave Carroll and I own and operate Lions share maintenance and Lions share surface cleaning.

i created Pro-Posal last year for my own company, then ended up releasing it to the public back in January of this year. I am big on using software to save time, and even though there are a ton of great options out there, nothing really met my needs for creating custom bids in the field for my customers. The follow up features also make it super easy to never forget to follow up on a bid.

Pro-Posal is a new product, so we are still constantly growing and working to provide the best product possible for our users. We have several users here on PWRA and wcra, so I’m sure some more will chime in.

Here’s a quick YouTube video walking through the program


Here’s a link to our Facebook group, the Lobby.

several users leave reviews and testimonials here, so it might be worth checking out if you have not had a chance to .

We have a booth at the convention coming up in Nashville where we will be doing walkthroughs and demos, so if your coming to the convention, stop by the booth and say hi.

if anyone ever has questions about the product or sit down and do a quick walkthrough, my direct line is (612)360-6131. Call text or vox whenever.

have a good weekend guys, I’m gone get back to the bonfire.

Thank you for introducing yourself.

Here’s a cool video I did last year with glass renu out in their studio outside of San Francisco