A lot of company’s claim no damage to plants and so forth

Some company’s in my area basically claim they use chemicals that aren’t harsh and don’t kill vegetation isn’t that a false claim I mean if you pre and post rinse sure but no damaging chemical I don’t get it

Yeah this is nothing new, companies everywhere claim to be environmentally conscious… I guess as long as you dont kill any plants and clean up after yourself, you are golden…

They probably pressure wash roofs . Your in south FL rite . $99 roof Cleaning is big business in Miami

To much of anything will kill vegetation

Water, Mountain Dew, pork chops, vinegar, Gatorade, and Sodium Hypochlorite

Technically SH is enviro friendly as it degrades into salt.


I’m in west palm no way I’d get on a riff for 99 bucks maybe the mail box roof lol

I don’t work south of Naples or west palm because off the circus that goes on down there. Very few use SH on roofs it’s all surface cleaners and off the shelf cleaners. I bid a project down there years ago for $1000 per building. These buildings were about 150x80 two stories. 25 roofs. The next highest bid was $499 another was $450 they were hoping I would be less they only budgeted $300 per building.

Yeah from what I’ve seen down here the low ballers are killing it I mean why not use sh and damage a roof that’s insane but that’s the standard here houses aren’t even that dirty so I mean 1%sh is about all you need so that’s a pretty weak mix and I mean 1% on the house and roof 3-5% so killing grass shouldn’t happen as long as you pre and post rinse would you aggre with these statements @florida_condo_cleani

I typically get .5 percent on housewash. And 1-5 percent on roofs.
Metal 1 percent
Shingle 2-3 percent
Tile 3-5 percent
Miami =surface cleaner and no profit

@florida_condo_cleani I have a surface cleaner but I’m more inclined to soft wash for my profits I use my surface cleaner for flat work

Surface clean is all profits since only has gas expense lol.

I agree guess I’m just saying I don’t think a surface cleaner has a place on the roof

Its funny, if i didnt know of this site and not read the things i have. I would actually consider hiring them. Video is professional and shows results. I guess i see why the unknowing would hire them.

There are chemicals out there that are safe for vegetation. Usually the claims have been reviewed by the EPA’s safer choice program or by green seal, or sometimes NSF.

Most of the chemicals you use are over 90% water, sorry but true! If they have a neutral pH, between 6-8, and aren’t containing caustics/acids/strippers/SH then yes, it’s really possible to have a “safe” chemical.

Now is it an effective chemical??? Usually not, but there are a rare few that are truly eco and work.


What are the rare few?? It seems like if it can kill algae it would kill plants.

You aren’t wrong there! If it claims to kill mold or algae it should be an EPA registered pesticide. If it isn’t run away because people bottling up killing chemicals without supervision by the epa is not a good thing!!!

I was referring to some cleaners that really are eco friendly. It would have a seal from DfE (now known as safer choice) or Green Seal. That means the formula was evaluated to make sure it really was eco friendly, or at least way more eco friendly than most things on the market.

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Would this be good to use after washing down roof or house or anything else to keep from killing plants and such…

@Crabtree I think the best bet is Pre/Post rinse and covering.
I downstream a pretty hot mix and haven’t had any complaints.
Can’t see myself “watering” any plants with that stuff


Guys and Gals, please don’t trust a chemical to neutralize bleach on LIVING THINGS! That stuff is supposed to be for your trucks and ladders and tools and stuff, NOT LIVING THINGS!