A little pressure washing; a lot of tobacco cessation talk

Welcome back, 2 years is a long time away. Please don’t take this the wrong way but is this video meant to be a serious representation of house washing?


Anyone washing like that, with the amount of info on this forum, is foolish.


In all fairness he asked for help two years ago and some not posted a link to dans vlog thingy. That was a disservice




it’s quite simple. Internet trolls, are very disrespectful behind keyboards. Half the insults people use on these forums. Would never say it to nobody face.

Holy cannoli, Is that like an 8 ft lance?

Such efficiency of those black/white tips… almost like a speed load with a 6 shotter

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Why do people nowadays have such a problem being told they’re doing something wrong if they’re shown there’s a better safer more profitable way. it’s because they’re spoiled brats who got trophies in sports even though they sucked. If there’s something I can do better safer and make me more money please tell me. I’ll at least think about it and if it’ll work out for my situation

I see lines on sidewalk. And i wish i could wash a vinyl fence everyday, easy money there.

Screened porches look good though.

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Its called a search bar.


How big is that lance? Its huge.

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Man, its your business you screw it up however you feel necessary. I don’t care. but, you won’t get any help on here with your attitude. man, I picked a bad day to quit smoking


Quit smoking?

Yes after 42 years


Then why are you here?

Dang, good luck dude.

I need to kick the dip. Not easy though.


How big is that lance?

Quitting dipping is hard.

Yeah being outdoors and/or on the baseball field doesnt make it easy.

Well i guess being indoors and watching TV does either.