A little help

Hi im in upstate NY and i just started my Pressure washing business . I wanted to know how do i gain contracts on Gas stations. Any ideas?

You gotta go in there and ask for dem jobs.

Speak to the manager and offer your services. Bring in a brochure or at least a business card. There’s no secret way to get those type of jobs. Just present yourself in a good way and don’t give up

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Dear God please dont start with gas stations.

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Somebody’s got to do it. Let him.

Hey man if your set on them please read all your local laws you probably need a reclaimer. I’m not saying you haven’t you did say you are new. What equipment do you have

Thanks for the info, i figured as much but wanted to see if there was any other advantage to utilizes. Appreciate it greatly!!!

Thank you for the info, i have a MI-T-M 3500 5.5GPM,Hot unit

Thank you , i appreciate the advice!!!

Is that all? Do you have any experience doing pressure washing

6x12 enclosed trailer, 250gallon holding tank, looking to invest in a surface machine. As of right now i am doing residential but would like to eventually venture into commercial. I do not have a lot of experience, but i do have the drive to learn to become proficient and Professional with respect to the industry .

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That’s fantastic start definitely need a surface cleaner and a 12v system if you really want to do gas stations you will need a reclaimer in va you do the side walks but not the pad. Definitely check you local laws I still do a few but for a while I sold them like I sold lawns. As a maintenance thing 100 bucks a month for a maintenance cleaning. Worked out good I gave most of them up because I cant work nights all the time. Hard to do on a fire department schedule