A different kind of payment

Let me start by saying that I know the businesses we have are just that, businesses. Not charities. However, allow me to encourage you (if you can) to do ONE job for free during the upcoming holiday season, especially for someone you know could use it. We’ve all come across a few folks that are strapped for cash and it is SO rewarding to tell them there’s no charge for the work you just did. I don’t do it often but more often than not, the homeowner is brought to tears of gratitude. And don’t be surprised of you find yourself tearing up too (ok enough of the mushy stuff). That is a different kind of payment, better than money, dare I say. It would be awesome if some of yall could share an experience where you have done this. Hope you guys are having a great season! God bless.


100 percent.

Not in the business of doing things for free, but I have heavily discounted customers who I think could use it or are repeat customers when I first started that used me again despite my shoddy at best quality of work.

I find that free I tend to cut corners where As 50% off I don’t mind it as much

I’m thinking a driveway or sidewalk when I think free… roof and house wash? Is customer helping to rinse? haha

I move there outdoor furniture before a wash, if I’m super happy and it’s a Friday I’ll go all out and move the pot plants as well.


Residential washing is pretty much considered a “luxury” service. If they can’t afford to get the service done then they should wait until they can. I’ve given some pretty generous discounts but there’s no way I’m taking food off of my family’s table.

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That’s awesome you’ve given some discounts before. Obviously I’m not advocating sacrificing the welfare of your family in order to do something nice for someone.

Well at least you’re ambitious :laughing:

Done a few volunteer jobs, glad to make people’s lives a bit brighter.


That’s funny. i think I’m kind of the opposite. If I’m doing a job for free, I tend to go way above and beyond. When money is taken out of the equation, it’s no longer a “job” in my brain. I’m there for fun and/or out of the goodness of my heart.

If I’m doing a job for 50%+ off for the little old widow in my congregation that insists on paying me, I still try and do a little extra, as I do on all my jobs. But it’s harder mentally.


I applaud the effort. If you can do something, do it. If not, don’t.
All of our markets and financial situations are a little bit unique and as @Max1 pointed out, washing is often a luxury (non-necessity) service. Here in our seaside resort market, we wanted to do some good without giving money back to the well-to-do clients who don’t need a break. Back in May my wife and I started doing this. The money sent to local causes is now well into the thousands, and the effort has lead to some local recognition which has lead to additional (paying) jobs for us. Some clients have made a point of saying they hired us - rather than somebody else who was cheaper - because of our program to divert money to charities.