A business name to reflect services offered?

First I would just like to apologize for yet another thread on naming a business, I know this has been brought up countless times but I have a bit of a different question to ask and don’t know who else to ask.

My dilemma is…

I don’t want to pigeon hole myself into a set service for my first year as I plan to offer window cleaning, pressure washing, soft washing and gutter cleaning to start out with. I live in a bit of a smaller city so I figure its best to start out wide and specialize as time goes on. I will likely be using my city’s name in the business name to keep it simple and show its local.

So, instead of going with “City Name Power Washing” or “City Name Window Cleaning” which sort of implies I only do the one thing, what is a good umbrella service term that incorporates window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning etc but makes it fairly obvious I don’t do other things like a maid service, landscaping or snow removal?

I was thinking of:
______ Exterior Cleaning
______ Property Services
______ Property Maintenance

But I don’t know how well these encompass my services and make it obvious I don’t do other things. I’m not sure many people even know what exterior cleaning would mean even though it seems obvious to us. It also gets a bit wordy and too long with these versions of a name.

I’ve done a lot of research and am about to pull the trigger on starting this new business (HUGE thanks to this community by the way!) just need to figure this out before I can make any more progress towards launch…

Any help or insight would be hugely appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read this!

What I did was went on Fiverr and paid someone $10 to give me a list of like 50 names. I didn’t ended up using any of them but it helped to get the wheels a turning and helped me think of one.

I’m not real good at this stuff but here are my thoughts. Property Maintenance sounds like property maintenance as in fixing gutters, painting, etc. I would scratch that one. Same thing for property services. Even without your city name people will know it’s local because it will show up on a google search for the area. No matter what your name you can get it to show up on a google search for services you offer. Plus, I know you’re going to study up on marketing and advertising and figure out how to let people know what your business is about. Look online and see how many different business names also include your city. Not saying it’s a bad thing but you don’t want your name to get lost with the others. I know in the biggest city near me there are literally hundreds of service companies with the city in their name. I too live in a small town and was worried if I used it people from the large neighboring cities would rather hire someone from their city.

I personally think if you’re going to mainly focus on pressure washing you should have pressure washing or power washing in the name. It gets the point across and people won’t mistake you for anything else but exterior cleaning. Since you’re starting off with only pressure washing it will likely be your main money maker and everything else will just be add-on services. I guess window washing could be your main money maker too but it really depends on what market you mainly go after. Some here won’t clean windows unless they are already washing the house.

Alex @Infinity can help you out a lot more than I can. So can @squidskc I’m sure others will chime in too.

No matter what you choose be sure to search your state’s llc database to make sure the name you decide to use isn’t currently in use by another company.

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Google gives you the answers…

“Your City Pressure Washing”

Depending on what your trying to achieve and your location. If your in a good size city and not really looking to expand to other states or further cities then I’d go with your city name.

Does it sound cool? Nope, but contrary to what people say about SEO…you will rank high in rankings and people will call.

Google any large city with pressure washing as the keyword. Usually the top or the second company is
That city pressure washing.

And I say this and my own company is not the advice I gave, but I put a lot of hours into being the top result in Google.


I feel your limiting yourself to the one city

I’d name it something random, like OOMPA, then become an llc. Now your tag line can change any time you want, it can be GUTTER, CONCRETE & WINDOW CLEANERS, one year, and the next GUTTER, WINDOW & PRESSURE CLEANING PROS, but your legal company name can be short, different and catchy, but the same always, even if you drop all those services and focus on drier vent cleaning


Your county pressure washing.

Because the common folk only know the phrase pressure washing. It encompases all of the above for the common man.

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Pretty panda power washing



I personally don’t have pressure washing in my name. But we also offer snow removal. It works for some folks. I think once you’ve been around for awhile it doesn’t matter as much with good ceo power.

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Thats why i went with “Wash Away”. Im on the fence on learning window cleaning down the road. I also dont like to have pressure washing in the name ethier.

My company is TDC Services…Thomas Dani Carolina. We started with interior home cleaning and are now adding pressure washing. While vague, it does allow us to expand into pretty much anything we want and not be limilted by the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgot the tagline…“Your complete home cleaning solution”

Does get the point across, sort of. Might get some landscaping calls

You sound like a rental property company

Now you are maintaining those said properties, like call you a handyman for an apartment complex type thing.

You will be using a pressure washer

The common person knows what a pressure washer is and what it can do.

I don’t see the dilemma

Then ask these guys who live in an area total of 900 k people and ranks on the first page of google for several different cities…

How bout.” Your city “ cleaning solutions.

I think that sounds like a house cleaner name.

I totally understand what you mean but I live in a very arid area and the lack of humidity and long winters here make me wonder if pressure washing will be that biggest piece of my income. I am definitely interested in pursuing it and building that side but just unsure if it will be the main part of my business based on where I live.

Thats a really good point, I know I’m overthinking this and that definitely makes me realise a tagline can reflect your services and like a few have mentioned you build your name and eventually people will know what you do. I’ve been noticing that lately when seeing a few companies around town with a random word as their business name yet everyone in the community knows what they do and turns to them when they need it.

I’ve actually been considering “_____ Solutions” however probably not “_____ Cleaning Solutions” as it paints a broad picture. Might try and have the first word relate to water and that could tie into both pressure washing and window cleaning.

Thanks for all these responses, I’m blown away! It definitely feels like the light at the end of this name tunnel is getting brighter…

I wouldn’t use your city or county because you will be limited by the perception that you won’t travel at least a 60 mile radius, like I do, to get that $$$. I would not put my name on a business because if you want to sell with a customer base, it won’t work…unless the buyer has the same name. Lol.

Try something like “All Outdoors” or something in the effect that will encompass everything that you’re willing to offer.

Good Luck!


Mine is All Things Pressure Washing Company. I branched it of my other business. Which is Polished Ride Detail.

I wouldn’t worry so much about your actual name. It’s a good idea to have a vague reference to ‘cleaning’ in the name, but people will get on Google and search for ‘window cleaning’ or ‘power washing house’ and you’ll want to somehow link your advertising with those keywords. I don’t pretend to know how it works, the other guys can elaborate.