$99 guy just became something of the past


Here are some of the domains I own that are appraised well above what I paid. There are sites you can go to auction them off, you can list them for sale through your domain provider, or someone can reach out to you and make an offer.



That’s… what I said.

Not really. They very between cultures, and there is no evidence that any particular action is wrong or right. You may feel it lacks integrity to be the $99 guy, but there is no evidence to support that claim, which is based purely on feelings.


Morals are defined by nothing, since they don’t exist on an objective level. On the subjective level, they are defined by the feelings of whoever holds the subjective morals.


That’s not what I said. If you can make money charging 99 dollars to wash a house more power to you. If you claim to wash a house for 99 dollars for attention… then add money for basic things that should be included in a house wash to bring the total for every job over 99 dollars… your are advertising faulsy


What evidence do you have that these things “should” be included? Do you have any support for this claim, or is it mere opinion?


I may be the resident chemist, but I’m also an average homeowner. If I see a sign that says wash any house for $99 I’m going to assume that my house can be washed for $99.

If the guy shows up and says “If I were you I’d remove all the screens so I don’t damage them…oh you can’t, well i can for an additional $50 a screen”…I would now be FUMING!

If he says soap is extra, I’m fuming.

If he says i only wash the house, not the gutters, or the window shutters, or over doors…etc…GGGRRRRR

if he says he can wash a house for $99, I want WHAT I THINK MY HOUSE IS, washed for $99.


My wife tells me basically the same thing when I get annoyed with customers. I have started saying “we will wash the exterior painted surfaces and/or siding”. No, a house wash doesn’t include your roof, your deck, your brick steps, your sidewalks, your gutters cleaned out, your brick foundation or chimney. Fred dude is just being antagonistic. My $11 haircut doesn’t include a neck massage, shave, beard trim, weird goo in my hair or a facial. It’s just a #2 guard with a high fade.


I didn’t say it wouldn’t irritate some people. Of course it will.

This is not the same as that action being “immoral” or “wrong.” There are numerous industries that take part in this practice and make good money doing it.

“I would be upset if it happened to me” is not evidence that the action in question is immoral.


Definition of immoral

  • not moral

broadly : conflicting with generally or traditionally held moral principles

Definition of moral
1a : of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior : ETHICALmoral judgments

b : expressing or teaching a conception of right behavior

a moral poem

c : conforming to a standard of right behavior

took a moral position on the issue though it cost him the nomination

d : sanctioned by or operative on one’s conscience or ethical judgmenta moral obligation

e : capable of right and wrong actiona moral agent

2 : probable though not proved : VIRTUALa moral certainty

3 : perceptual or psychological rather than tangible or practical in nature or effecta moral victorymoral support


I think what everyone is trying to say is that it’s a deceptive practice to operate that way. Most folks will go through with a wash the first time, because they feel obligated if you’re already on site, but if they feel you were shady in your dealings, they won’t be a repeat customer. I think it is different, however, if you advertise $99 as the starting price for a basic/economy wash on a vinyl home. About like carwashes advertising a $4 dollar wash, although you could come out spending $50 for a full detail.


I think we have to be reasonable but that doesn’t mean the theory is wrong. House washing is $99 but sidewalk, driveways, gutter brightening and gutter cleaning is extra.


“Traditionally” and “generally” are both subjective terms. Most humans that have ever lived have considered slavery to be just fine. This would make it “traditionally held.”

“Right” is subjective. You have no evidence that a given action is “right.”

This identifies a subjective and useless morality, not an objective, useful one.




Would you please just stop.


Sure. I’m done.


It’s real simple. Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’ll do it


But then add $50 for done on time.


So …
Shall we all become the $99 guy?
And rely on volume and ad on to make up for it?



Negative advertisements usually bring bad karma