90 Degree outlet on DN15 FlowPro

I’m experiencing some really tight space constraints on my skid and the only way I can get my Flowpro to sit where I want it to is by using a 90 Degree fitting to turn the corner on the outlet side to the hose reel.

I’ve got a 10 gallon per minute IGX800 belt drive with a TSF 2221 and 1/2 inch DN15 FlowPro set up.

Any reason I couldn’t run a 45° or 90° half inch stainless steel fitting to a quick connect and run that whip hose to my hose reel.

Everything is half-inch plumbing, except the chemical injector on the Flo pro itself. That is 3/8 inch.

I’m running the gold standard injector and currently pulling 14:1 with a 2.3 mm nozzle.

Should be fine. Most of us already have a couple of 90’s where it goes into reel and in the reel itself where it comes out.

Thanks for the info. I would run the 90 degree straight out of the flow pro valve with a quick connect on it then run that straight through the flowpro.

It makes the setup much cleaner and allows me to run point to point FlowPro to Hose Reel.

I think it’s silly to use hose reels only for holding hose.

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