8gpm water supply and filter

80 or 100 micron filter . banjo style or clear see through . 8gpm comes with 1" fitting can you do 3/4" or not good enough?

Still waiting for those pictures you promised.


I don’t run a 8 gpm, so someone with more first hand knowledge can speak to it, but from what I’ve seen I wouldn’t go below 1.25-1.5" unless dual feeding with both inlets being at least 3/4". 20-40 mesh screen is sufficient according to Udor… I prefer banjo with a clear out hose… it’s nice seeing through the filter with the clear ones, but I could never get them to stay sealed up after cleaning out a couple times.

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i worry is 100 to fine and restricts flow or its fine as long as you don’t build up debris in it?

Who told you to use 80 or 100 mesh filters? 40 or less

Just call any reputable distributor and tell them what type you want for an 8gpm machine and don’t worry about. I have no idea and could care less what size my mesh is.

I have both and personally like the blue clear top filters best, but have a banjo on truck build and it’s worked fine for 3 years. I don’t like that I can’t see in it w/o taking apart.