8gpm plumbing question

My 8gpm unit arrives on Monday, I have my trailer plumbed up and ready to go. I have a 2" line coming from my IBC tote, going into a banjo filter with 1.5" barbs on either end. I am wondering what the best way to connect that 1.5" line to the pump is. the pump comes has a 3/4" fpt connection, but I can’t seem to find any sort of 1.5" barb that will go down to a 3/4" mpt. Im sure I could make it myself by reducing it from the 1.5" mpt on the hose barb, but Id hate to lose any more flow.

Let me know how you guys did it. Thanks

I’m confused by the question…where are you worried about losing flow?

If im coming from a 1.5" line, it doesn’t seem right to reduce to a 3/4" barb. Maybe Im just overcomplicating things.

what flows into the pump?

Water? :smiley:

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I mean the size (I/D) plumbing…That’s your answer…it’s like a 6’ run tops, never needs to be larger than that from the tank…or I completely misunderstand fluid dynamics, lol

Pressure Washer Products may have a 3/4 to 1.5 nipple since they push that idea. You really don’t need more than 1" on that hose and most distributors will have that nipple, since that’s what 98% of us run. Just so you know, a 1" line will flow like 30+ gal/min so not sure why you have 1.5" coming off Banjo. Most of us have 2" coming off tote, since that’s the size of valve, but then reduce it down to 1". A lot use a T reducing one side going to pump and leaving 2" going other way to an emergency drain or reduce it down to a handwashing outlet.


2" seems excessive, my 8gpm is fed by a 1". Works fine, no starvation.

Then again I’m not using an IBC tote so…

I think 2" makes sense if you’re splitting it to 2 machines somewhere down the line…I don’t think the tank/tote makes any meaningful difference though.

They call them king nipples


from the banjo shut off of the tote to a y, then ran (2) ball valve shut offs. 1 for filling buckets the other runs to the filter, from the filter I used a reducer and ran it to the pump. I use spa flex hose because I get it for free from the pool guys and it is virtually indestructible.

Most people don’t know the amount of vacuum produced by these pumps. I ran detuned 5.5gpm pumps on 5/8" supply hose for many many years. These pumps SUCK

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