8gpm on 13 hp

Can I put a 7 to 8 Gpm pump on a 13 hp motor just wanting to know all I see is the big Honda motors for 8 gpm

@Trey Winslow rocks one of them

I have a General TSF2012 with a General RS500 gear box on my Honda 13hp. It earned a lot of money in the year it’s been in service.

Only two gripes I have about it is

  1. Not as easily serviceable like a belt drive

  2. It’s a royal PITA to remove the gearbox housing when you need to change the seals in it. (Like a direct drive)

If you want a cheap, reliable high flowing machine and you do mostly residential and not much concrete…it’s for you…

We still do concrete with it, but mainly just moldy everyday resi concrete.