8gpm house wash distance

Here is a picture of the kind of distance when we are down-streaming on house washes. I know I was always curious to what distance I would get before I purchased my 8gpm unit. This is on just less than half throttle to keep noise to a min. Same large orifice to apply and rinse.
Ignore the goofy rain jacket- It was raining a little-cold-and windy

WHAT are you using to get that height on half throttle

‘Just less than’ half throttle!!!

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those engines/pumps are designed to run at full throttle, not half. You are putting more strain on parts that dont need more strain on them.

What he said. Learn your equipment before you start in business full time and it will last you a lot longer. An 0500 will shoot that high all day long. Even high if you run your machine properly.

its a 0 degree #40. and I may be relatively new to the forum… but not to the game… its a cheap part…if it blows up in 2 years then it blows up ,and the one unit made 200k for a small investment… From the lower noise levels and being in a trailer, people love that they cannot hear the “high pressure washer” and ends up turning into more jobs because I didn’t use a “power washer” so yeah, Ill sacrifice a pump every year if need be

LOL, its your time and money to waste as you see fit, go for it

If you want to keep noise down chuck on a car muffler. My 8GPM is bolted in my Van and is going into the muffler shop on Tuesday for another muffler put on to solve this problem. I’ll show pics when I’m done

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do you mean another muffler after the pw muffler? Sounds interesting! I also was thinking of this thing I saw ahile back… It was a silencing muffler for atv engines for being sneaky in the woods

I wouldn’t Run those pumps at half throttle because it will go always at the wrong time like in the middle of a job which means potential lost revenue. Change tip sizes to lower pressure and if noise is an issue then look into doing something with the muffler.

Sidebar note why is noise an issue doing residential washes when Landscapers and homeowners run their lawnmowers at full throttle? Your machine shouldn’t be any louder then theirs.

Good point, my muffler set up isn’t geared towards residential as much as it is night work. I have a commercial side walk job coming up next month and they don’t want me working past 10 pm because there are homes really close to the shopping centre. I’m hoping to buy a few hours of night work with a muffler

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Yes that makes sense. Had a few issues over the years running our machines thru the night. I have one diesel Powerwasher which is set up on my garage trailer and man is it so much quiter then my Kohlers but this trailer is not feasible for us when we do commercial store flatwork thru the night.

I did read in the past that muffling some of these Kohlers to much can cause issues with the engine. Don’t know how much truth there is to that. Let us know if you did customizing with the mufflers how it worked out for ya.

These muffler questions would be good to direct towards Russ Johnson whose a PWRA vendor.