8gpm good 10 gpm better?

I am considering purchasing a Koehler with Udor 10 gpm. Is a 10 gpm machine better then an 8? Are there drawbacks to it such as needing bigger high pressure lines?

You really only see benefit from 10gpm when you go to 1/2 hose. Not work the trade off for me.


You better have super water flow in your area or hooking up to hydrants.

8gpm is the sweet spot for most residential and commercial.

If you running two machines per truck 10gpm is going to crush you.

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I have a 10 gpm unit it stays home 98%of the time it just wants to much water and it’s way to big for just house washing. 5.5 or a 8 hot water is the way to go. Personally I like the 5.5 hot water machine but I’m in a area where water pressure sucks



Well that answers that question👍🏻. Thanks for the input everyone. I figured there was probably a downside otherwise it would be the standard.

I have a 9.5 and love it. It’s perfect for surface cleaning and will rinse a house super fast. The only real downside is water supply. I run that and an 8gpm at the same time so I just about always hook up a second supply hose and usually finish the job before water gets too low. I wouldn’t trade this machine for anything.

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I have a 5.6 (pulls 6.6 with soft-wash tips). I travel to jobs with about 25-40 gallons of water). About 30% of my jobs I end up hooking on another hose and dual feeding my buffer tank because I’m running low. Especially if I’m doing their driveway as well. If I ran 8gpm I know I’d be quicker but I’m scared of running out of water constantly. Still sticking with 5.6 pump and it works great. Water supply seems to be around 4gpm here from house spigots. 10gpm forget it

Depends on the work you are doing. 10gpm would be great for commercial work, especially if you have a time crunch like need to be done by morning type of thing.

Describe the commercial work that 10gpm will allow you to work at night and finish by morning

I feel like a machine like yours would be perfect for me. Do you think a 125 gallon buffer tank would be plenty for you or would you have to wait on water a few times on a big job. I would travel on a full tank not 30 to 40 like you.

We regularly wash parking garages. The difference between 5.5gpm when we first started to 8gpm was massive. Took the step of renting a 10gpm unit. Makes the job quicker. Garage(s) close at 10:00pm / midnight and opens at 6:00am. Anything that makes the job more efficient is a green light in my books.

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Ok. Commercial is a broad spectrum. 10 gpm, or 84 gpm wouldn’t help guys washing commercial apartments as they can’t be washed at night

I think what I have works for me…I have a 65 gallon leg tank. I don’t like to travel with much more than 40 gallons. I think it depends on water flow in areas. I see some people say water flow is only 2-3 gallons per minute on wells. There was one neighborhood on city water that I did 2 houses in. Both got 2.5 gallons per minute from their spigots. Took like almost 2 hours to wash each house. I didn’t put any more signs in that neighborhood lol.