8GPM Build- Help with Parts

I am still debating on building or buying an 8 GPM unit gear drive. I can get the IGX800 for $1,600 or the GX690 for $1,279. I did a search but didn’t find much content on the IGX800. If anyone has any experience with the IGX800, is it worth the upgrade? Also, it looks like the ZK1 unloader is 1/2 outlet. Should I use 1/2" plumbing from the pump to unloader and from the unloader to the reel? My current set up is all 3/8 including the injector. Below are the parts I plan to use with my build.

IGX800 ir GX690
Honda Muffler
Udor Pump GKC 30/24-GR (Comes with gear box)
ZK1 Unloader- Based on reviews
Unloader block
DIY or buy a skid


Where are you finding the IGX 800 at?

You can run 1/2” lines or get converters 1/2” to 3/8” which is what I did. @marinegrunt used 1/2” lines. Both work.

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I found them at MSI. My thoughts are go with the 800 because of the fuel injection. I see you are in Houston. I live in New Orleans & may lean on you a little for the build, if that’s not a problem. Did you go from 1/2" to 3/8" at the unloader or reel?

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From unloader with reducers and used 3/8” lines.

Sure man I’ll help you anyway I can.

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