8gpm 3000 vs. 3500 psi

I’m researching pressure washers and have decided to go for an 8 gpm cold water unit when I buy my own(borrowing now) as to not have to upgrade later. I have my eye on 2 Pressure-Pro washers… both 8gpm. They both seem identical, but one is 3000 psi($3000) and the other is 3500 psi($3800). I understand volume is key so is the extra 500 psi worth the $800? I will be doing mostly soft washing residential, houses, barns, driveways, etc. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

Also, would it make since to buy a wheeled 8gpm machine vs. a skid mounted one. I would assume not since it would have to be fed by a buffer tank.

Not worth it… Cost more in fuel …

I do strictly residential and have a pressure pro 8gpm 3000psi and I love it. Bob at Pressuretek hooks me up with all the good stuff I need.

If you plan to only do residential, then a 3000 psi machine will work great. If you plan on any commercial down the road , you should spend the extra money for a 3500 psi machine. If you need a really long hose you will lose some psi. I would get a skid.

Our units are 8 gpm @ 3000 psi gx690 Honda engines the ones you’re looking at are the gx 630 engines.

The new units we have mounted on our box truck are the 8 gpm, 3500 psi machines. All that being said…I put the box truck through it’s paces today with the extra 500 psi…And I like it. While 500 psi doesn’t sound like much…I could tell a difference as far as impact and to me washes a little bit faster than our older machines.

You’d actually be paying for extra H.P. & 500 psi going with the 3500 model…Will it matter for you???..No. Take the savings and invest it in other equipment or marketing.

Dragging around a PW’er on wheels is not efficient at all…Get the skid, mount it to a trailer with a buffer tank, mount your hose reel, put 200’ of hose on it…and go make some money.

Good Luck!

I would shop around a bit more… At the end of a 250’ 3/8 hose you will lose 750 psi with 8gpm. So do you want 2750 psi or 2250 psi machine. I like the 2750.

Thanks for the help guys. I’m going to do more shopping, just don’t want to regret a big money decision.