8 gpm surface cleaner

I have a 20 inch surface cleaner I when using with 8 gpm it flies away haha you can’t keep it on the ground tried a 90 degree elbow in line but not working. What am I doin wrong

We use a 20" Whisper Wash Classic on 8 gpm with two 10 tips in it. It works fine.

What tips do you have installed?

I don’t remember I got the tips from Russ

And I just got a couple of bags of tips from Bob.

It would be good if you learned what tips you have and what tips are needed for a given pressure.

I use 2502 for the 4 gpm surface cleaner just don’t remember which I had for the 8 gpm

I want to say 2506 is what we put in it for 8gpm

I know that 25 is the pattern and 06 would be orfice so I need a bigger orfice like a 10. Got it thanks

What pressure would you have with (2) - 6 tips? How about with (2) - 10 tips?

I guess that would not be right huh. A 6 tip would be around 2400 psi and a 10 like 6500 **** I am trying tk learn it Tim I need to study it more I guess

N O a 10 orfice at 8 gpm is 2500 psi

Get a chart. Easy

I’ve seen guys strap ankle weights to their machines