8 GPM Buffer Tank

I have an 8 GPM machine and 275 tote buffer tank.

Just thinking of how to save room.

I never have to bring a fill tank of water to a job, never travel with more than 50 gal in the tank.

Commercial jobs - pull up, connect feed line while setting up everything else. Most commercial clients have between 6-10 gpm feed. Only 1 account do I need to watch the tank to avoid running out of water. Almost all others, I have to watch the tank to keep from over-filling and having to drain when I want to go. On commercial I tend to be “on the gun” non-stop.

Residential - with 3-5 gpm and being smaller jobs, rarely do I run out of water here.

Is a 275 buffer just overkill in general? It seems like I could use 150 or 175 just fine without issues and save some room. I know a lot of people use 275 totes and maybe it is cost or is it the echo chamber effect?

I use it because of the cost.

Everyone’s area can be different. In my area most houses put out 5-8 gpm and we have a lot of wells. I have also needed to haul in water quite a few times. I was running 200 but it wasn’t a very efficient tank as it would start cavitation at around 50 gallons left. I am moving to a 550 gallon tank this summer but I also have an opportunity to do on site construction equipment washing for a big company. 275 is a safe size and I don’t see you gaining a ton of room moving down.

I don’t think it’s worth the little bit of room you would save. Those totes have a relatively small footprint compared to even smaller leg tanks.

I use my tote for extra storage. Got all kinds of stuff hanging from it. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and shove 100’ of perforated corrugated piping in it from HD, Lowe’s, Ace, or wherever. You can run around with 150 gallons in it, and it’ll never rock you around at stop signs anymore. By the way, when I have a helper with me, and we’re running both machines (8 gpm and 5 gpm), if we’ve only got one spigot we can access, we do have to stop and wait for it to catch up. At least on flat work.

In my fantasy world I want to mount two doorway tanks against each side of the wall. This would open up my trailer significantly. I just can’t see spending 1k on a want atm.


I ran with a 225 last year, and changer over to a 80 gal to save space also. with the Hudson it’s at about 70 gals. I’ve been up and running since the last week in January. All homes and a few small commercial jobs. So far i have not had any problems.
But it is the first I do now after I great the client. So I start with a full tank, and I still dump about 40-60 gallons of water. When I’m finished.