$7k to spend on a NEW HW washer. What wod you buy?

Landa isn’t in the budget as we’re not financing anything. $7000 to spend on a quality HW unit as close to 8gom as possible. That leaves $3k left for a trailer, tank, reels, hoses, and another surface cleaner.
Any advice? Looks like the general consensus is the pressure pro HW units suck.

The Power Wash Store’s Water Dragon 8gpm cold machine has an Udor pump for around $3500…That’s what I got last year and I’ve been very pleased with it.

(Having 8 gpm made so much difference that I was able to lower my square foot price, but increase my hourly earnings by a large percentage)

Sorry…I just re-read your post and noticed the “HW” part…I can’t help you there… one option I personally looked into is using a hot box if you’re not planning on doing a whole lot of commercial. That way you can leave it off the trailer and out of the way when you don’t need it, and throw it on there when you do…Also opens up a wider range of options for your CW machine.

(I pretty much stick with residential work, so I’ve never needed hot water)

Are you looking for a 115v burner or will 12v be okay?

Russ at southside equipment has the liquiforce which I mentioned earlier (re branded hydro tek) with 7.7 gpm for $6600 with 12v burner and honda motor. 120v generator model is $7600 or there is one for 7400 with a 9.5 and honda motor.

Atlas has a good point as well with getting a cold water machine and adding a hot box. Lots of options… I would recommend calling russ at southside or Paul at the power wash store, I am sure both could help you figure out what is best within your budget.

We already have a 8gpm cold wash trailer. We are wanting to setup a new trailer with hot wash to mange the large fleet washing contract we got and also move into more commercial work. Then also use the hot water trailer in cold mode for an extra house washing setup when needed. I will check with Russ and see what options he has. Thanks guys!

Oh and from what I’ve read, less issues with the 115v verses 12v so prolly stick with the 115

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We are getting a hot water in the next 3 months.
Im pretty much set on a hydrotech. I really want the 115v but from what i hear its about 2k more than their 12v. (Not sure of the exact price on either of them, havent called yet)

The other options im considering are the slim water dragon, but then we have to buy two gas tanks for it
Ramtecq: they are in my area and have good price, just dont like their designs with how im going to set it up.
Another brand i considered was BCE’s Hydromax DC series. They are all stainless

In the end most machines are the exact same. Beckett burner, gp pump, honda/vanguard, kohler engine, all bolted on a different style frame.

You guys would both do well to do some extra research oh 12v vs 120…I researched heavily a while back and it looks like 12v can be pretty problematic at times. The extra money involved may be well worth it. Plus, needing a generator should not necessarily be viewed as a bad thing…it can be helpful to have one for lighting, etc when doing fleets, commercial, etc at night or early morning. Just my $0.02…I am by no means an authority in the subject.

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I’ve done lots of research on the two styles and have decided the 115v is the best option by far. I would also like the generator for running lights at nignt. We plan to start doing a lot of drive theoughs, parking lots and other things that will be done late at night when extra lignting will be handy.

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Thanks Donte for the info. Much appreciated

Ive done a lot of research on the two, and 115/120 is considered more reliable over the 12v. That being said the 12v have supposedly come a long way, and with most of the engines running 20amp plus charging systems that helped. Also running two batteries to help in the case of the charging system not putting out enough power.

And for an extra 2k i could buy a generator and then some. Granted its taking extra space vs an all in one system.

Very valid thougnts there. Two batteries woukd def help with that issue and having a standalone generator would have it’s advantages.

Bear in mind that if the charging system won’t keep one charged it won’t keep two charged. I ran into that trying to run three batteries on my boat for lights for frog gigging. Ending up getting a little honda quite run generator.

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I prefer a 115v system myself. Worst case scenario if you own a standalone generator you can plug your burner into that.

One thing I didn’t like with my landas was the slim line setup. Now to most it may seem like a good thing with everything nice and compact taking up less space. My issue is that layout means small fuel tanks unless you run seperate tanks (in which case your unit becomes less portable) Other issue I have with them (and this may all be in my head) is having your burner right over top of your motor just doesn’t seem good… Thunk lots of radiant heat.

Thanks for all the feedback guys. We’re definitely going with the 115v and I’m really liking the looks of the liquiforce machines. Seems to be well put together.

Well I just had a vendor discount a new Landa 4.8gpm over $3500 off list price. I don’t really want a machine that small but that’s a heck of a price.

Just remember that saving 3500 now and getting a smaller machine will cost you in efficiency in the long run.

Yeah agreed. I’m thinking the 7.7 liquiforce is the machine for me.

I like the 115v just need to see how much it cost.
I rather have larger fuel tanks but also need the space with the layout im going to do.
A lot of burners sit over the engine, and the water dragons even use the exhaust to help with heat rise and fuel saving.

I agree with Donerite, i rather have more gpm.
The liquid Force is nice i just dont like the size. They are too bulky for me and take up another 1.5-2 feet in dimension

Like I said more of a personal paranoia. And typically a 115v system will cost about 1000 more then it’s 12v counter part (give or take a 100) maybe not so ironically this is the average cost of a replacement winco generator from most supply places.