7.3 truck build

7.3 Truck build with a utility box, two 100 gallon dragon tanks and it will have two 55 gallon tanks and I don’t know what size soap tank yet and I’m building a Kingslinger soft wash system. It has a Honda 690, 8 gallon a minute power washer, a 17 gallon aluminum fuel cell and it will have all electric hose reels. This is my first truck build and my first power washing rig. I’ve only done window cleaning up till now. Any recommendations or input would be appreciated. I’m just trying to copy Heath Felps truck build as much as possible but would love to hear about any ways to improve on it. Thanks!


Love the room those dragon tanks give you.

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Looks nice! We ran our machine off the trucks fuel tank. That would save you a little space. Check your tank, mine already had an auxiliary fuel port to use but adding one shouldn’t be too hard either

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7.3’s are diesel and his PW is likely gas so that’s not going to fly on this one


Yea I didn’t catch that part! Lol

Yeah well maybe you thought it was a brand new truck with the gas 7.3 from Ford. I can tell you I don’t know anything about that!

7.3 Is the big diesel motor with a six speed and it gets 25 miles to the gallon

That’s crazy, my old 7.3l IDI got about 14mpg. All my other gas trucks got about 7.25mpg so I wasn’t complaining lol


So fresh and so clean, clean.

Jobe valves are quality :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Nice water valve! Pricy but more flow for sure

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Where you get the 55gal tanks from?

Panhandle Power Wash Supply They are great and quick


Coming along. Gonna wrap it?

Just wait till you see the wrap it will wow!!!



To heck with your build, looks good, but tell us about the old Bronco in the pic.


Heck yeah!