6x8 Aluminum Deckover Tandem

We recently started manufacturing trailers. This is the first of our Armadillo line:

6x8 Deckover Aluminum Tandem 3500lb Axles Trailer 6300lb payload capacity
2x GX690 10GPM
Electric Start AR45
4x Electric Reels
200 Gallon Buffer Tank (400 gallons if no burner)
100 Gallon SH Tank
22 Gallon Gas Tank Boyd Welding
Remote Clear Proportioner


You have a lot in that little space. Looks good.

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Yea definitely didn’t waste any space. Good cleaning power to drive hassle ratio. The only thing I might change is that remote DS indicator light being on the back might be easier to see during a job on the passenger side

A lot there on a smaller footprint……definitely practical for a lot of washers out there. Looks like a stout trailer. Great job!

Price point?

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Looks good Heath. Hope you’ll have some good water down there. That ar45 and 2-10gal would drain the buffer tank around here in literally 10min.

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looks good…but!
With filled tank, if you have to unhitch, will it do a wheelie on you!?

Agreed we are adding a side view light.