5x8 trailer setup

Most of you have seen this in my other posts, but here it is in its latest rendition. It is working great now. Absolutely no complaints for my first rig. I am streamlining my procedures while cleaning now to become as efficient as possible. I love this setup for its compact size, I can put it anywhere, Suby gets 24mpg (pressure washer burns as much fuel as the subaru), I open the hatch and it provides cover for changing when its raining and has plenty of room for stuff. 55 gallon buffer has done great on 4gpm machine, surface cleaner is awsome, 12v pump is great so far (backup pump is always with me). Thanks to all that have helped, and if I can help anyone else with questions about the setup by all means ask!!!


What size tanks are you hauling?

My V6 Sienna struggles with my 5x8, how does your Forester do?

My tanks are 55 gallons drums, the Subaru has no problem, I only leave with about 10 gallons of water and my chem mixes needed and some spare sh