5x8 Trailer, no wasted space!

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Started this journey a little over a year ago, and have learned a LOT through trial and error. The 16hp Vanguard drives a 5.5 gpm pump. 2 12volt 7gpm pumps wired in, one as a transfer and backup roof pump, the other as the dedicated roof pump/kitchen sink. What I mean by this is I use it for batch mixing, rinsing spills etc when mixing pump up sprayer chems, pre wetting delicate plants, pre wetting grass when running a hot mix for surface work. I just find it comes in handy all the time as I keep its drop stick in my buffer tank. It is nice always having pressurized fresh water readily available. I built a remote ds bypass utilizing a dn15 electronic valve wired to a 12v remote system. I extended its range big time by wiring a antenna to a high point on my trailer. I have the overlimit wire on the closed side wired to a amber strobe up high on my trailer so I can see if I am soaping or not from a distance. The ds bypass can easily be replace by a ball valve if it fails with quick disconnects on pressure hose and 12v connection. Less than a minute and it is off. I set up a weather proof electric box for switches for my strobes, work lights, and both pumps. Everything is relayed, fused and heat shrink connected, on the whole trailer. Replaced the horrible factory wiring. I also reinforced the trailer with 2x3 tubing and added a 3.5k axle / leaf springs with brakes and wired my nissan with a brake controller, huge difference stopping now. I got rid of the trailer ramp and made it into useful space building a rack for pump up sprayers and containers (it holds 5 gallon pails as well). My burner is run by a Honda eu1000 I keep in the truck, which also runs my led stand work light for night work. Added ladder stand off and levelers, ladder is much safer now. This is working for me right now. I have a 225 gallon tank in the bed of the nissan just in case. It saved me many times this summer. I use my transfer pump to load and unload it with 55 to 110 gallons of sh if I can’t get my other truck to my supplier to get drums. It was hard on the truck but several houses I had to carry water due to low well output. It worked. Today I used it for demos, its nice being able to pull up, not ask for water at a commercial place and do a demo area without hooking anything up. Most of the time it is empty, most often it is used to carry extra sh for big jobs or roof / stucco jobs. I have to admit, I loving having heat whenever I need it. Mixing some chems you need heat, got it. Right now washing is so much more comfortable and just flat out quicker using heat keeping the chems working unlike cold weather/water combo. I am also able to handle commercial concrete much more effectively. Sorry for the rambling post, hope this gives the guys with small trailers some ideas!! I pull this trailer everywhere and can cram it into almost any location!!