55 Gal SH Drum

Alright, I keep running into the issue of Ive bought my 55 gal drum of SH they load it in my truck, now Im home with a 500 lb drum of SH in my truck. Im going the long route right now to get it down, anybody else run into this or have any methods that might help? How does everyone else get their SH?

12v pump into your chem tank? Seems like moving the liquid first would be the way to go

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This or if the chem tanks are full, a beefy ratchet strap around the top with two lifting slings and a chain hoist. I lift two inches and drag the trailer out. It’s suspended for all of 2 minutes and dropped onto a dolly.

They make a barrel sling for a chain hoist.

What website was this?

Prolly northern tool… he loves Northern Tool


Lol love it.

I can’t remember off the top of my head. I’m not sure why the screen shot is cropped either.


Awesome thank y

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In a pinch, you can stack pallets up and slide it off and back on… I do that with a trailer sometimes, when i get multiple barrels, but it’s a bit lower than a truck bed.

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Oxarc will deliver one right to my garage door for a $25 delivery fee. Seems worth it to me. I pay $165 for a drum of 12.5 then a one time drum deposit. But i guess i would use a roof pump if i had to pick one up in a pinch. I have extra drums in the garage to transfer chems.

Man, Im getting my SH cheap, when doing a fillup on a drum it costs me $126!

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I hate you Ron Burgundy… but I respect you… :slight_smile:


Gonna step up to the good SH this year… called and got prices.

$149 delivered for 55 gal… itll take me a long time to deplete a 55’er. Would worry about it going bad before i used it all.

They will do 5 gal for $16.99 after deposit for container.

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I blow though the bulk of my SH on roof cleans. Typical roof clean I burn through 10-15 gal. Depending on how heavy

Do you add a bleach “thickener” to make your SH stay on longer so you go through less? This would be a chemical that adds some suds to your SH so it’s not really thick but it is a bit foamy and therefor has more hang time.

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Oh yeah i dont mess with roofs… only houses and flatwork, going to try and push that harder this year.

Yes I use roof snot as my surfactant

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Do you find that DEcreases the amount of SH you have to use?