5 miles of curb cleaning

I’m bidding on 5 miles (aprox) of residential curb cleaning. No gutters included. Honestly, I have no idea on this. I kno my normal rate per sq ft, but this will include LOTS of water trips and honestly I have no idea I’ve never done just curbs, it’s always just lumped in with something else. Please don’t say figure out time and multiply by my hourly rate, because it’s impossible for me to know the time. Just curious if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks in advance!!

You need to figure out, how much square footage you can cover in 1 hour… And approx how long you can work before fill ups. Then do the math! It will give you an idea at least

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What kind of curbing. Miami curbing we charge $750 a mile and can do 3 miles a day with one 8gpm rig. Flat side curbing take 3 times as long


It’s the smooth rolling curb, not the flat sided. When you say 750 and 3 miles a day do you mean 3 linear miles or 3 miles both sides or the street? This would be 10 miles of linear curbs.

Linear . A 1 mile road has two miles of curbing.

Awesome. Thank you!! This definitely gives me a starting point!:+1:t4:

I’m just curious - how many curb only jobs are out there?

How does this even come up?

Alooooooot we do miles and miles of curbing every year. Usually if it’s in a private neighborhood or gated community the hoa is responsible for the curbing. Homeowners are responsible for the driveways and usually sidewalks.

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Got a pic. What type of curbs?

LOL, take @florida_condo_cleani price and multiply by 2.5 and you should be competitive anywhere else in the country besides FL.


This is probably true. We work for peanuts and bear money down here :grinning:


Is it easy to drink a bear? :stuck_out_tongue:


5 miles of curbing youd probably be better off pricing in rental of a water truck. No way i would want to run back and forth all day filling, unpacking, repacking, refilling. Thinking about just the down time of filling would be nuts. Or get a permit and tap a hydrant


Working on figuring that out now.

Hydrant is the way to go for sure


@ShinedUP @florida_condo_cleani I’ve been wanting to build a curb cleaning machine on a John Deere Gator frame… I think you could make a small fortune specialising in curbs and then everything else is an add-on. Gated communities apartment communities shopping centers after hours. A guy in Florida has a machine like that it’s pretty awesome but looks fairly expensive


What in the hell??

There is no way those wheels will maintain the full weight of that water tank.

And you would need a 20 gpm pump to run that deck…

Theres tons of companies in florida that have crazy machines like this. I know a company around me that has one probably work $100K. I see the uses for them but seems like it would take all the fun out of it lol. @KMP Btw he’s probably got two 8gpm machines on the back running it. Just drives slow lol