5 gpm vs 7 gpm 12v?

I am about to order parts to build a 12v system. I’ve read Racer’s, Schertz’s, and other builds but I haven’t seen much about pros and cons. I remember reading about a couple people going from 7 to 5. What’s your preference? Thanks!

The lower gpm seem to have less problems.

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If your doing a mix or shingle and tile lower volume would be more flexible. If all your doing is shingle and spraying driveways with it . Higher volume will save time

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I leaning towards the 5.5. Not worried about speed yet.

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Ive seen the 7 in action and used it. Works great. I would look into the new “bypass” pump. It doesnt have a relay or pressure switch on top. That usaully go out quick. I think racers trying one out now. I think the engineers at Delavan recommend him to try it out.

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@Racer, how is that new bypass pump setup? Does it go back to the tank or just loop back into the pump?

Don’t know. Haven’t hooked it up since my other one working well.


@Sasquatch, I use the Everflo 5.5 GPM 60 PSI. Been using it all summer no issues. I’ve went through one fuse all season. I keep an extra 12v pump on the shelf but have not had to use it yet. I also use it to transfer daily. I rinse after every use.


Did you ever get to using the 5 versus the 7 gpm? I am looking now on pressuretek and debating which one to order.

1.) # 5800 Series - 5 GPM - 12 Volt Pump


2.) The Original FatBoy - 7 GPM - 12 Volt Pump

Thoughts @Racer …?

Same, I’m close to getting a trailer mounted 12v myself and need to know as well.

Both. And get a smaller one like a 3gpm for transferring fluids around.

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I had the 7 but went back to 5 - single man crew with a sprinkler ground man I like less runoff. The was not significantly faster for me productivity-wise.

Don’t over think it they’ll both work. There 12v consumables at the end of the day.