5 gpm minimum buffer tank

What’s the minimum buffer tank required for a 5.0 gpm 3000 psi pump? Do I even need one if typical flow rate from the exterior faucet is 30 gpm?

Is there flow loss over the distance from the house to the unit?

Also, I use 3/4 inch hoses. Somebody on here said the 5/8 is better in a different post, but I can’t track down the reason why.


I have a 65 gallon tank for my 5.5 gpm machine …

This might be the thread you were talking about:

Wow, that’s an awesome flow rate. We don’t get anything close to that here. With a flow rate like that you could fill a 5 gl bucket in 10 seconds! I wouldn’t even bother with a tank if that was the flow rate in my area. Our typical flow rate is about 9-10 GPM in the good areas.

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5/8 hose just lets you put more on the reel. It’s what i use

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Although pressure is very good here… I was wrong. At least for my house. My house is 7 at the exterior faucet. I’m certain a sprinkler guy told me 30 gpm. My big brother use to work for him back in the day and I sure took it for gospel. I put a flow meter on my house and it was just a hair under 7.

So let’s say most exterior faucets are at 7. I’m assuming I don’t need a buffer tank.

A little background on why I’m asking. I start work on washing the siding for a 24 unit apartment complex with pretty tough trailer access. Not really anywhere to park my truck and trailer AND all the buildings are elevated from the parking lot. Kind of a tough deal.

When I ran trailers we had to unhook in front of every apartment. Another reason I don’t have trailers anymore.

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Thanks. That’s kinda what I figured. I’m having a tough time finding any 3/4 inch specific hose reels anyway. It seems like the jumper from the reel to the hose hookup is 5/8 no matter what I’ve looked at. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having 3/4 hose if it’s going to get squeezed down to 5/8 anyway I think.

That’s not it specifically, but I did ask Racer through his YouTube channel specifically if he has any problems with 5/8 inch hose. He said only on really long runs.

Thanks. That sounds a lot easier than wheeling around a IBC tote in a tight parking lot.

Lose the stock jumper hose and replumb with 3/4 or 1" line to the tank. This is the reel I bought:

Even if “typical flow” is 7+ gpm, I would still run a small buffer tank. It’s insurance for when the customer decides to run the laundry or take a shower, or the automatic sprinklers turn on.

The buffer tank will also keep your pump running cool when it’s in bypass, as long as you run the bypass line back to the tank.

I would say 35 gallons would be a good size for “just in case”. 55-65 would be better if you think you may be working off of wells at all in the future.

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Do you run 3/4 inch hose on it? If so, how many feet? I have an IBC tote so I have 275 gallons… I was just trying to figure out how to run one without a trailer so I’ll probably just lug around a 35-50 gallon tank on a garden cart.

Why are you taking the machine off the trailer? I’m missing something here.

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I wonder the same…

The apartment buildings are all elevated off the parking lot by a good 6 to 10 feet. They’re on a hill and the parking lot is down below. The water access is on the rear of each building and there’s no space for the truck and trailer to pull around the back.

The parking lot is a tight squeeze. Access is kind of a nightmare.

I’m not there and can’t see it but we wash a lot of apartments in stange layouts. Lots in the NC and TN mountains that are elevated. Can’t remember a situation where 250 of hose didn’t reach. Rolling a machine, much less a water tank around an building with a parking lot below seems like a unnecessary risk. Pm an address for google earth if you are interested in suggestions. Either way, be careful.

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I’ve never heard of a 30 gpm faucet. Most are around 5 gpm. You may be thinking psi. Youd don’t want you pw to be using more water than the source can supply. With a buffer tank, you don’t have that problem. The larger the hose isd, the less resistance is generated. I went from a 1/2" to a 5/8" on my soft wash system and it made a major difference.

Thanks! PM’ed

We’re pretty lucky that we get closer to 7 gpm around here. I probably misunderstood my sprinkler pro friend. I’m sure you’re right about the PSI.

I just installed a 3/4" Hose Reel (150’) made by ReelCraft. Nice reel for $294.00
Time will tell dependability!

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I bought that reel today at Menards for $79 with no intention of using it on a trailer. More for mounting on the back of the garage for rinsing stuff out, etc… I barely got 100 feet of 3/4 inch hose on it. Do you really get 200 feet of 5/8 on it?!