5 gpm hot skid or 8 gpm cold

Hello all. I am starting up a new business soon. I want to do commercial and residential, at least eventually. For a new guy starting out, should I go with a 8gpm cold machine or a 5 gpm hot? I know I will need hot water to do commercial stuff, but I’m not sure the 5gpm would be enough. If I go with the cold machine, I’ll be restricted to residential and I’m not sure there is enough residential work to keep me going. Though I’ll be the only guy in a town of 30k doing this business. Some advice would be great.

Thank you in advance.


You can do commercial properties with cold water. I have an 8 gpm cold water unit. However I will eventually get a hot box. I could use one maybe 1-5% of the time. It all depends on how you have your business setup and your priorities. But this has been discussed in mulitple threads. In the words of @Innocentbystander gpm is king.

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If you’re going to do commercial flatwork like storefronts and drive thru’s 8gpm hot water is the most effective. I would hate to do it without hot water. you’re better off with a hot water skid with 8gpm even if you have to wait a little longer. if you’re not doing a lot of gum and grease you really don’t need it. as far as hot boxes for an 8gpm the best buy for the money I’ve found is a largo 10-12 gpm unit. With a hotbox you’ll need a generator. space wise and dependably wise you’re better off with a skid. I have both a skid and a cold water unit with a hotbox and the skid heats up better even with higher gpms.

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