5 gpm 3000 psi

I was reading a thread a few days ago and someone posted a pic and link for a 5 gpm 3000 psi belt drive for around $1400. Does anyone know where i can find that post or thread. Thanks



Thanks @AquaTeamPowerWash


@Smile4me that was me…I bought it and love it…definitely worth the price!! I got it from SEL shipping was $175 but I ordered some other stuff also…Screenshot_20190204-144148|281x500

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Can you send the link i cant see screen shot. Thank you @Ecowashpressurewash

What exactly is an ‘HP’ pump? Will 2500psi work on concrete?

@Smile4me BE X-3013HTBCOMCD Pressure Washer 3000 PSI 5 GPM 389cc Honda

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It’s made by General. The HP5535 used to be called TS2021, IIRC

Very much appreciated @Ecowashpressurewash

No problem man