5 gallon buckets for a buck

FWIW and your mileage may vary.

Walmart in my area has their 5 gallon buckets on clearance for $1 each. They were something like around $4 bucks. Anyway, they passed my squeeze and pull test. They don’t have lids, but walmart sells lids if you want them, I don’t know if they fit.

sorry, forgot to link it, this is what they look like

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I’m usually trying to get rid of things like buckets, pallets, and boxes…I’m certainly not buying any :joy:

I like the NT ones because they’re yellow, so don’t look so bad when they get a little age on them, they’re tougher than most, but mainly because they have the measurements boldy on the sides which help when mixing.


FYI, 5 gal buckets sell for $2.99 -about $5 at every store nowadays, without a lid. Put 20 on craigslist, they will sell, and if you don’t want to bother selling them, list them for free. You can also list pallets for free and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone set up a routine trip to collect them from you. If you don’t know, pallet refurbishment is a big business. Look up what a pallet costs for shipping companies, you might be surprised. I see people hauling loads in pickups and trailers all the time.

I know on the pallets…built a shed during COVID mostly out of pallets and a couple old decks that I got from the builder on FB :joy: