5/8 vs 1/2 and what happened to PWI?

Looking to get a small backup roof unit, and leaning towards the pressuretek “in a box” kit.

Anyone ever buy one of those? I’m curious how long the assembly might take, and whether I should get the 1/2 or 5/8. My big unit has 260’ of 5/8 and I guess it works OK, its the only one I’ve ever owned.

I think enough folks finally got tired of Ron and the uamcc so the pwi fizzled out


One commenter attributed it to Facebook.

If its just a back up you don’t need extra hose…use the hose youve got. All you meed is a spare pump. Takes 15 min to change out

I noticed there’s no activity on it. As I said I did this several years ago and a couple of months ago I went on it and there was very little current activity. This is pretty much the only board I post on. I read a little on PT State but not much. For the most part this is the most professional board going.


Ptstate was the place to be for a long time. I think i joined there in 2006 or so

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A lot has changed over the years. The grime scene used to be decent. I’m enjoying reading while I’m waiting to get back into the industry. it seems like there’s more people getting into it unprepared equipment wise and not taking the advice from those who have done this a while if it is not what they want to hear. If you are going to do this invest in the proper equipment, if you can’t afford it wait until you can. I could run to home depot and buy a pressure washer but it would be a waste of money for what I am needing it to do. so I am waiting. My wife has put in to go back into management at another hospital and as soon as she is gone from her current location we are taking her 401 and getting the first half of my trailer set up. I/ve finally decided on a hydrotek 8@300 hot water for flat work…, water dragon 10@2500 for residential and the az88 reclaim from hydrotek. My point is it does no one any good to jump out there unprepared. These boards are great to bounce ideas off each other and to help each other solve problems but not the same how much do I need to charge stuff. someone who is having to ask that should not be trying to start a business. you learn what to charge by doing it and paying for it when you miss it on an estimate. rant over


Amen. 10 gpm needs 1/2 inch hose. That’s a nightmare. You have done your research though and I’m sure you’ll get what is best for you. Rock on

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Ive never ran a 10gpm but I liked the concept of lower psi and more gpm. I figured it should be a rinsing beast for house washes. Any input would be helpful. $4k didn’t seem like a bad price. It has a udor gkc series pump and the polychain. I’m not real familiar with the polychain but I’ve heard good things but have never ran one

Yeah, not really a backup unit per set. My trailer-mounted unit stays in Seneca, SC and need a smaller, more compact unit for when I travel to HHI for jobs. I’m a painting contractor that cleans a few roofs here & there and have no desire to lug my trailer down here every time I come. Need trailer for ladders, sprayers, scaffolding etc