5.5 or 7 gpm and DS

This may sound silly but is there any reason to go with a 5.5 versus a seven if they are the same price? Both are Honda but the seven has a common pump and the 5.5 an AR.

I’ve noticed a lot of downstream products are marketed for up to 5.5 And more use an adjustable X jet.

I already have a 225 gallon buffer tank that I got a great deal on to use either way.

Yes, there is.

It really comes down to what engine you’re using. If you’re using a smaller engine to power a larger pump, you’ll get less psi overall. If all you do is house washes, no prob. But if you’re doing flat work, then you need to make sure you have the psi to do it. And depending on the Honda engine, you might not have the psi to do it.

It’s a skid, honda 630 with comet pump set at 7gpm/3000.
This is for residential and flat work, mid to large driveways.

I’ll let some others chime in as I’m not overly familiar with the 630.

GX630 is a smidge over 20 hp. I would buy the 7gpm. The 5.5 shouldn’t even be considered an option

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I converted my GX630/5.5 to a gear drive 8gpm. Night and day difference, especially when rinsing.

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What’s the real world difference in the 630 vs 690? Just the HP? Spec-wise they look pretty similar.

They are identical, it’s my understanding the carburetors are different. Not even sure why Honda made the 630/669/690 split.


What Brock said. 690 has 2 more horsepower. Fuel flow is about the only difference


Got the 7. Wish the Honda 630 had pull start along with the electric but seems only lesser models do.

I really don’t see it possible to pull start a v-twin motor, maybe a kick start.:laughing:

BTW be sure to bring your starter battery in after the season is over, I managed to kill mine by leaving it in the trailer for three months over the winter. They typically last three years, then start giving you fits with weird symptoms.

I will. Dont think the battery they gave me will last long since it’s lawn and garden one.

I use the cheapest lawn and garden batteries I can find. You’ll get two years for $45. That’s not a bad investment

I used to pull start mine at least one a month. Had to find out if it was going to break. Better to break it at the shop than in the field when the battery decides to croak

I got jumper cables. I’m not having my guys pull start a GX engine :slight_smile:


Trouble is, I could set it ablaze & whack it with a sledgehammer at the house. This stuff will never crap out if it ain’t ‘party time’. Hopefully your luck is just a lot better than mine haha.

It’s all in the technique! You just have to picture the truck is one giant yoyo with every ounce of your being lmao

It was never the greatest until I figured out we can make our own.

I pull start this v twin every Thursday

Slap me and call me Sally. Didn’t know that was even a thing.