5.5 - 4000 pressure pro skid

2nd post here… after extensive research and advice from my fellow power washers I have my eye on a 5.5 gpm 4000psi hot water skid from pressure pro.
I have sourced a trailer and buffer tank all i need are hoses and reels and ofcourse to piece it all together.

Has anyone any experiene with this unit or one with similar specs? I plan on doing residential surface cleaning and some commercial fleet and gas station jobs. Would this be a good starter? As always any advice is welcome.
Thanks everyone!

Do you have a link?

That’s a lot of coin for hot water. Why do you need hot water? Lots of commercial flatwork?

Yes a bit but also want the capacity on case I need it. If you have some better advice please share it

I doubt that unit has an udor. Also gpm is king. Unless you are a commercial giant I don’t think hot water is needed. I’ve done some really big commercial jobs and rented hot water units. Works great!

Buy an 8gpm unit. Then down the road if you really need hot water just buy a hot box to add on it. I could build an 8gpm/3000 and a hot box and still have money for dinner and a movie.

You can wash houses like a boss with 8gpm

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Thats the same unit im buying the beginning of next year. To ME 5.5 4000 is the sweet spot. Just my opinion.

I bought one in 2009. The pump and motor finally died last year and i replaced both. I have replaced parts on the burner over the yrs but its still running and still makes hot water.
But i only paid 4000 for it when i originally bought it.

Spend the extra 1k and get the 8 @ 3500 with the 690. +3gpm is huge and well worth the price difference


I would if I could but that’s all I can afford bud

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Then wait a little while longer. it’ll be worth the wait

If you have a lot of houses that have well systems 8 gpm is not the best option unless you are caring 300 + gallons of water. We only use 5.5 gpm machines because we still do about 70 % residential and only 30 % commercial. this is something else to consider when buying a machine.

This is the same unit from pressure pro I have been using it for about a week i love it. I firmly believe in hot water pressure washing. I live in a pretty rural area and the 5.5 is perfect for that. Dont get me wrong my 10gpm machine is nice but it just wants to much water

![Screenshot_2019-06-19-10-09-10|281x500] (upload://eFBgSJoT3jm3VKc8A0aIxly6Ei3.png)


Would you mind sending me a link please? Prices look good!

Lol,I don’t know how,I’m an old dude with a smarty phone. Let’s see… :globe_with_meridians: site​:link: is, pressure washer products. Com

Press down on the web address up top until it highlights blue and press copy. Come back to comment and press down until the option to paste comes up. If it comes up like this when you go to copy press this

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Lol that works! Thanks bud

Don’t thank me ,thank @SurfaceTherapy. He’s the one who sent the link to me a while back.