4x8 trailer set up

Hey guys finally had time to take a few pics of my trailer and set up. I know it’s pretty basic but it’s been a great money maker so far. So much of your guys help went into building it. I can’t thank you guys enough. Feel free to put it on blast. One thing I wish I would have done is to put the reels on the other side of the trailer.

The PW is a gx390 with an udor gear 5.5 pump. I found the little fishing box on Amazon and labeled all the nozzles with their psi.


Looks good, wish I could use an open trailer. My 5x8 enclosed is a little tight.

Looks good. Except for this. Please tell me this is just for transporting empty drums?

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Yes this is just temporary. I haven’t had a chance to set me 12v up yet so that’s just holding an empty tank

Nice, all the best

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Did you swap over the pump on your own? I may be doing that soon with the gear drive to run a buffer.
Nice setup though, but if you have some down time swap the reels over, definitely worth the time.

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Looks good, but take a day and swap those reels to curbside. PW 101


Ur QC are the wrong way

Gotcha male ends always lead right


Nice lil set up man, how many psi are you getting outta your gx 390 paired with the udor 5.5 ? And have you graduated yet? Best of luck man

I’m getting about 2900 from the gun. I have one more year until I graduate, May of 2020. Thankfully I made some good money pwing this year I can afford to only work weekends at my regular job during the last two semesters. Will be an intense last year but I’m looking forward to learning emergency and critical care. It will be perfect once I graduate only working a couple 12s and pwing. Hope all is well!

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It looks like you put a lot of thought into it. Except the reels on the wrong side of course.

Looks good man aside from reel position. Nice!