4gpm flatwork fun!

When the company you work for rents a 4gpm@4k and a 20” SC and asks you to do a 4 level parking deck, and they want 1 level a day

Wow, that’s pretty inefficient! No reclaiming necessary?

Their dreaming if they think you can do one a day.

Boss says no, but I highly doubt it to be honest

That’s funny! I feel bad for their clients

Did you start at the bottom?

Are you using degreaser?

That’s misery… flatwork is misery, but 4 gpm flatwork sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.


I started at the top, and no chemicals, it’s a brand new slab, new construction, the idea is just to take the dirt and dust out for the sealer we’re going to apply, but still I can’t leave sc stripes because they will stay forever

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Be glad you have a job. If one of my employees posted something like this, disrespecting me or my business, they would be fired.


Look at it as good training. You ever bid on a parking garage, you’ll know what to do.


Haha, I thought he was your employee…