$49 Website, SEO all inclusive?

Anyone hear of this company? Saw this ad on FB. Seems too good to be true. But his answer to my question at he bottom pretty much sums it up.



Now is the time to get your website online to start building SEO traction for the upcoming season. We build fully designed websites that you do not have to build yourself with full content and SEO for only $49 a month. There are no design fees, set-up fees or contracts. In addition, we help get you connected to Google Business, Yelp, Bing ect. Below you will find our company details, our work, and my contact information. Please reach out with any questions you may have.

PM or call me – 605-306-3511

$49 Month
NO CONTRACTS, No Set-Up Fees, No Design Fees, No Hidden Costs, No Strings.
● Custom & Responsive Websites
● Complete Design & Maintenance
● Google Business & Social Media Assistance
● SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
● Custom Content for Your Website
● Domain & Hosting
● Unlimited Tech Support, Website Updates & Changes

Click on the links below to view more of our work!


My question:
What happens when customer decides they no longer want your services and don’t pay the $49 monthly fee?
Does customer keep/own website and all information? Or is this a case where you own everything and once monthly payment stops, web page gets deleted?
Sorry, just seems to good to be true or there’s a catch. Especially for SEO work included.

HIS response:
good question. All websites are built on our own platform, so yes you are correct that the website would go down if you choose to cancel. You will notice there is not a set up/design fee or fee for content. You would find that to be quite expensive in addition to SEO if you were to pay a company to build you your own design that you own. It is really not a catch, it is just the way our model is set up. We are designed for smaller businesses that need an affordable and functional website solutions. Another benefit of having a website that can always be updated and edited, is that there is never any fee from us when you want make changes and additions. Finally, as websites, algorithms, and trends change we offer all our enhancements and upgrades to all customers. Please let me know if this helps clarify or if you have any more questions.


$49 a month sounds too good to be true, but I see @KNBExteriors on the list. I haven’t seen him here in awhile, but if he sees this maybe he can give you the scoop.

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Generally speaking you get what you pay for. I am starting a marketing business later this year once I get my personal affairs sorted out.

Only taking on 40 clients at 100 a month and calling it a day. Should walk away with 2500 after expenses. House will be paid off and if I budget and do some pressure washing on the side I will have it pretty easy.

Like awesomewash said, “generally speaking you get what you pay for”. There are people or businesses that go as cheap as they can to get as many customers as possible. If a locally known designer can easy get a few thousand for a good website how much time do you think the guy charging $49 is going to put into it?

Then again, at $49 a month you won’t be out anything trying. Just make sure you own the domain name. I’ve designed a few websites in the past using a program but I really don’t know squat about it. I would be worried about them owning your website name and then having to buy it from them once you decide to go elsewhere. You could always just change the name if you wanted. If people get use to the first website it could cost you some business if you had to switch later on. Just something to think about. Awesomewash would be able to touch on domain ownership here as he knows way more than I do.

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Well it’s pretty simple, you go to a site such as go daddy or namecheap and register your domain. Once you do this you can start looking for a developer who also hosts the site. He will ask you to point the dns over to his servers. He will give you some numbers like this and you will change a dns record that has and @ symbol or letter a. Chances are you can just have him log into your registrar account and do it for you.

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Also if he creates the site, ask for a copy of the site files and database. This way if he’s a dirt bag or falls off the face of the earth you can retain your website.

Brodie! Man am I glad I saw this in my email. I’ve gotten so wrapped up in all these facebook groups, it’s like a rabbit hole, lol

So in regards to this website deal, it is legit. It’s $49 a month and they build and own the site. Now there are a few “catches”. First off, if you want a responsive website, meaning it adapts to mobile screen sizes, they only have one template. Go thru the sites on the ad, mine included, and you’ll see they all have the exact same design. That design is not customizable at this time. They can build you a completely custom site for the same price but it will not respond properly when opened on mobile devices. As for the SEO, I’ve learned enough to say that Justin is honest and he’s ok with SEO. That site he built me ranked in my town in about a month…however…my town only has 6k people. My homemade vistaprint site ranks here, if that tells you anything. It’s very easy to rank in small towns with little competition. Would that site rank in a huge city? Absolutely not. You’d be lucky to get to the second page. Now I still have my site active with webit for now at least. But what I did I just built my own site too. I used an SEO friendly domain and I have a guy whom I consider to possibly be one of the best SEO guys in the country doing the optimization for me. His sites rank in the top 2 or 3 spots for every service he offers in every city he services. A couple searches even displays his pages on the entire first page of Google. Here’s the link to the site I built. Look at it on mobile and desktop if you can. You can see the tremendous difference just in the visuals of it. And I did as much on page SEO as I know how to. My guy is handling the rest. But this site is exactly what these other site builders charge $1500 or more for. I’m considering starting a little web design service on the side. I really enjoyed doing this. I also built a Christmas lighting website too. I own these sites 100% on my own hosting…no monthly payments or risk of losing my site if I don’t pay…


Welcome back to the rabbit hole that is the forum BJ. Lol

Oh no, this ain’t a rabbit hole. Those damn facebook pages are addicting lol. And filled with drama and all.


The sites you designed are awesome! I just had my site redone. You can check it out at squidskc.com

It’s in the second revision now. Small stuff. I was so miffed that the last one used stock photos that I decided to go through every photo I’ve ever taken for work and I’ll update those on my own once the site is exactly how I want it.

I’m considering Christmas lights next year too and your Countdown To Christmas timer got me thinking about another truck magnet that says something like: Did you know we install Christmas lights too? Weeks until Christmas: (Numbered magnets to countdown weeks)

I like that option to choose residential or commercial on the front. I may steal that idea lol.

Dude,Christmas lighting is awesome. I only did 6 jobs this past year for a gross of around $12k and I think I netted 7k of it. I have a couple of those clients on 3 year contracts so the next two years I’ll be installing them and it’s almost pure profit since I already have the materials and the installs will be much faster. So I’ve already got a guaranteed $4k or so coming to me when there’s no wash work. And I plan on dropping this to every new wash customer thru this year too. Big money in it man.

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Glad to hear it!

If you have, or can get, the manpower to do it, I’d highly recommend it. It’s definitely at least a 2 person job.

Hey Brodie, just a heads up. When I viewed your website on my iPad, the left and right side are cut off and I can’t drag/scroll to see that info. Checked out 2 different pages to see if it was just an issue with your homepage - nope, same issue. Here are the screenshots

Checked out your website on my cellphone and it looks good. Don’t know if it is an issue on my end or your end - maybe someone else can confirm. Like I said, just a heads up

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It’s probably using break points to adjust the styling without using a fluid grid. This is an outdated technique and should be more fluid with breakpoints. Fluid meaning that as you resize the browser things shrink to fit the window.

I’ll let him know. Thanks!

I use web-it. They did a great job. Check out my website if you like. www.bluelinepressurewashing.com . I deal with Justin Parham. Very nice guy. Let him know that I sent you.

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I got a good deal on interserver.net, but it was a pain to use. I should have just gone with wix or something and saved the time and hastle. Being new and low on funds makes you wantvto skimp, but in the end you just pay more especially the mindset of go cheap vs be a the high end pro people will pay extra for.

This is what i made in 3 days, it still needs some work but its a good start I think.


Photos seem kind of blurry?

Lol, like I said it still needs work