4200 vs 4400 PSI

Hey everyone I am new in the pressure washing business and I am looking for a pressure washer. I had the Dewalt 4.0 GPM, but it was a mess so I took it back. I am looking at the Simpson pressure washers and I do not understand why the 4400 PSI washer is less than the 4200psi washer. Anyways my question to everyone is does anyone have either of these two washers and what do you think of them. Also which should I buy. Thanks so much to everyone!

The general consensus is to move up from a 4GPM machine to a 5.5GPM machine. The 4GPM ones you’re looking at will work and absolutely make you money. But GPM is king. Most washing is less than 3K psi even for flatwork. What is your budget and what are you washing?

Ready to run rig:
BE Pressure Washer 5GPM/ 3000PSI from PWRA

Build your own with a Honda GX390 $799 or Predator 420 $369 and a gear drive pump TSB-5638G ALLISON $449 with gearbox installed.

You can also call Russ at Southside (502) 504-5454 for a belt system if you want to build that yourself vs a gear drive. Belt drive skid $141 or aluminum skid $83

You also need an unloader Pulsar $64 or K7 and an unloader block $32

Are you comfortable building your own and plumbing a buffer tank since using a 5.5 gear or belt drive you need a 35-65GPM (your preference)


:-1: ,Get a professional machine and save yourself from buying junk ,It will serve you better.

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There are a lot of various Simpson machines out there. Are you talking about a wheeled unit that you drag around the house? Perhaps it’s a difference between the pump manufacturers. Or one could be direct drive while the other is belt drive. Maybe you are inquiring about a pre-built trailer package? Once again, it could be the pumps or maybe one is hot water and the other is cold. The information that the guys above shared is all true. You can do it with Lowe’s and Home Depot stuff, but it’ll be harder and you will always be limited to what you can do because of your equipment choices. When I bought my DeWalt there was a more expensive model which had less PSI and less GPM but had a more preferred pump by some. Post some links of what you are considering if you are still leaning that direction.

Or…just get a decent belt drive and you’ll be way ahead if the curve. May need to add plumbed unloader but belt drives tend to be a bit more business-ready.

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What type of machines are considered professional machines? I am new to pressure washing and I thought those were professional. Where can I get a professional one?

Those psi figures mean absolutely nothing, you will never use that pressure on anything. Gpm is your golden ticket.

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They are both 4.0 GPMs. Are they considered decent pressure washers? Or are there other ones that are better for the price?

Ok look, skip both of those machines. Nobody stays with a 4/4 for very long, get you a 5/2500 belt drive, put it on the credit card, go wash 5 houses and pay it off.

Here’s an example. It’s a good starter unit for a business. I think this one may be a 4/4 but at least it’ll draw from a small buffer tank.


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For starters, belt drive or gear drive so you can draw your own water. 5gpm or larger, if you can order it from home depot, lowes ,Tractor supply etc, its not professional grade and you’ll kick yourself in a year or so or less. Start snooping around on here and do some research, You’ll find the answers you seek.
I prefer Honda, Vanguard, Legacy, Udor as the top tier configurations. Steel platform is a must in my book. Then when its time , Upgrade. It never ends lol. Took me 3 years to be able to afford this Landa. SS everything including hotcoil , fuel tank every nut and bolt. Powered buy a kubota diesel .


I can’t believe you held on to it! What ended up happening with the pump situation? You really needed to have a radiator on your machine huh?

Got all the paperwork for it and called Landa , It was legit after all. yeah I couldn’t resist the radiator. What can I say ,Im a sucker for SS and all diesel unit. @florida_condo_cleani is to blame @dperez

I’ve made changes since then but not many.