42 PWRA members already- check in on who post here

Good start for the PWRA membership with 42 current members already and climbing all the time.
I dig this bulletin board. What other PWRA members respond here?

I just joined over through weekend. I can’t wait to get my big sticker. That’s all i really wanted any way. :0)

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Welcome :slight_smile:

We got a couple more members over the weekend John… We also have a couple of really great benefits that we will be launching early next week. Good stuff is brewing.

I am a proud member!! I am also a member of the WCRA.

Both of these associations ROCK, and they have/will allow me to grow
my business bigger than I ever imagined!!

All PROSPECTS listen in…the associations offer so many great benefits
I haven’t even been able to utilize them all!!

Chris I can’t wait to see what you have coming next!!

Chris, I’m worried that we might injure some members by ultra-awesomeness. Maybe we should hold off on any new stuff until people have a chance to catch up.

At-cost GotPrint printing
Marketing Material
Proposal Packs
Email templates
Proven postcard designs
$500 off on Glass Renu
$120 off on Customer Factor
Up to $568 off of web design and SEO from Ambidextrous Services
5% off at Powerwash.com
Big ResponsiBid discounts

Even I can’t remember them all.

Yeah, maybe I’ll hold up on the new stuff…

I’ll get my sticker at some point. Wish I could afford it now!

If you’re trying to fit it into a budget then the 3 Pay plan might help. It’s just for a limited time, though.

Looks like are at about 54 now…

The ticker is a little behind actual membership because there are a few PWRA members who aren’t forum members yet.

i can get a 3 way pay on the $99 fee for being a wcra member too?

Hey Tim yes we can do that for you. Reach out to Kate @ 1-862-266-0677 and she will set you up with a plan.